Option to manually choose Deco to Deco connections

Option to manually choose Deco to Deco connections
Option to manually choose Deco to Deco connections
2020-02-16 21:51:40
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.3.0 Build 20190821 Rel. 54023

Hello everyone,


For the people who want a short version:


PROBLEM: Deco's connecting to wrong Deco's.


SOLUTION: Manually switching the connection between Deco's.


Long, more detailed version:


I want to share a problem we've had with our Deco mesh system since we got it. The mesh system has been working very well for client devices. They always switch as soon as another Deco picks them up.


However, behind the scenes, there has been a problem with the connection between the Deco's themselves. Our main unit is on the first floor. The second unit is almost straight above the main unit on the second floor. The third unit sits across the hallway on the second floor, in direct line of sight to the second one. Between the first and the second one, there is a window, not a wall.


When plugging in the different units in no particular order, two deco to deco connections can occur:


1) Second -> Third -> First


2) Second and Third -> First


Obviously the correct way would be:


Third -> Second -> First


When only the first one (main) is plugged in, my phone shows all bars on the location of the second unit, but only 2/4 bars on the location of the third. Now there could be a reason to connect the third unit to the first (main) unit, namely the speed. Connecting directly to the source would be better than going through a hoop (the second unit).


Now I've done a lot of testing to find out if this is the reason for the bad speed when close to the third (and in situation 1) the second) unit and it seems to be true.


Now for the feature request:


Could we please get a tweeked algorithm for the connection between the Deco's;




A priority switch between speed (situation 2)) or stability (situation 1));




A way to manually switch the Deco to Deco connection.


Thanks to everyone reading this and liking it. I hope some of this gets implemented. If someone at TP-Link needs more information, I can provide it via email.

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Re:Option to manually choose Deco to Deco connections
2020-02-20 19:03:12



The Deco units do work in the back end to find the best route amonst each other to find the best performance. Given how the second unit is capable of being connected to either the main or the third unit seems like it determines the best connection at that time.


I will forward your request for consideration. I think that would be a good ideaas well to give more control over your network.