Parental Control Whishlist

Parental Control Whishlist
Parental Control Whishlist
2021-01-02 10:57:59
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Hi there,


I've recently purchased the AX50 because it was advertised as the router with the most elaborate Parental Control. As a father of 2 teens, I'm struggling to keep their internet usage under control. I am, however, a bit underwhelmed by the functionality I get from the router.

So here is my wishlist for Parenal Controls.



- Good: include a schedule blocking/allowing on/offline time for each day of the week (on Wednesdays in Belgium schools are only in session AM)

- Better: allow for specific black/whitelisting on certain moments (I want my kids to have internet access on home-work hours, but I don't want them on YouYube, NetFlix, ...)

- Best: Allow for these blocks to be manually lifted/enforced via simple UI




- Good: have an option to turn these off/on entirely (this is a matter of trust and privacy)

- Better: Only have insights for certain site (e.g. I'm just interested in NetFlix usage)

- Best: Combine limited Insights with timetables (during homework time I'm only interested in your internet usage on YouTube)


Time Limits:


- Good: White/Blacklist certain sites/apps from counting as internet usage (many apps will constantly ping for internet time)
- Better: Only have Time limits on given apps (e.g. 1 hour of facebook)

- Best: Combine the last option with scheuding (e.g. only 1 hour of facebook during your 2 hour internet time)

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Re:Parental Control Whishlist
2021-02-27 05:39:17



I just bought the m9 plus. I am also interested in the same feature as Nicolas. I want to be able to block certain websites during school hours or blocked time. After school hours, the blocked sites are available. I have found that the kids are logging onto Youtube and certain gaming websites such as Roblox while they should be on Zoom doing classwork. I want to be able to block those sites during school hours. As working parents, cannot be there to supervise the kids at home all the time. I also want them to enjoy some time to do what they want.


For example: between 8:00am -3:00, internet is working but Youtube and Roblox is blocked. After 3:00pm, Youtube and Roblox is unblocked until 5:00pm. Youtube and Roblox is blocked from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Youtube and Roblox is unblocked again after 8:00pm. At 10:00pm, the internet is disabled from 10:00pm to 7:00am.


Currently, setting the block on website blocks it all the time.

It can be done by manually turning on and off parental control, but I would like to see it implemented automatically if possible.

Re:Parental Control Whishlist + Safe Search Mode
2021-03-05 03:50:55



I certainly am for the idea of white listing. I want to block Google search as a service on my home network, but the issue is I can only block "Google" including Google Mail, Google accounts, Google Drive, Google [EVERYTHING]. I just want to block Google Search, because the router's Parental controls is not able to enforce "SafeSearch" Mode.


I wonder why. This should be a feature of every TP-Link router. NETGEAR has this option via its Circle app system, so why shouldn't TP-link have it too? Because of that, people in my household can easily see explicit materials easily when they search stuff on Google and that forces me to have to block Google. I can either allow Google and have people be exposed to explicit stuff, or block Google entirely. But that's "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" since they would need it for searching for other things whether for academics and etc.


It's a dilemma.


So in my scenario, since TP-Link's parental control system does not support Safe Search, I need white listing to be able to block Google Search while having the ability to access Google Accounts ( in case I want to sign in to YouTube, Google Mail (, and Google Drive ( without having Google Search on.