Improvements to parental controls


Improvements to parental controls

Improvements to parental controls
Improvements to parental controls
2022-03-30 21:23:15 - last edited 2022-03-30 23:24:34
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If you want your product in every family house hold then your point of differentiation from all other mesh systems is the quality and features of your parental controls. You need to invest, be leading and marketing your selves as the number one product for managing you families usage. 

Here are some enhancements that would make a sure different to your product.


- ability to pause the bed time or limits for a group of existing controls youve set up for example I may have a control set up for TVs and one for tablets turning the limits of and on for these together. For example I may want to make and exception.

- ability to put time limits on individual sites such as you tube and Netflix and to do this across all or a group of chosen devices

- ability to select a group of devices and limit the amount of time across those devices as a whole. For example I want my kids to only have 1 hour of screen time across any device. 
- ability to manage exceptions such as giving kids a 1hour or 30 minute exception 

- ability to apply a fixed duration of use of a device for example 1 hour of tv screen time and one hour of iPad per day.





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Re:Improvements to parental controls
2022-06-03 06:27:57

I recently bought the Archer AX90 for the parental control feature and I found most of the currently parental control features very useful. As mentioned by Maclarkson@, I would like to have feature that will  allow to set time limit for individual site or a group of site.  My kids spend a lot of time on some gaming websites (e.g roblox) and I did not want to completely block these site but I want to have daily time limit for these sites. 



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