TC-W7960 - Cannot save parental controls

TC-W7960 - Cannot save parental controls
TC-W7960 - Cannot save parental controls
2017-03-02 09:42:45
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I would like to know how to solve my problem of not being able to save my parental controls?
Each time I try to set up the controls, the page freezes for a couple minutes, and eventually refreshes the page to where I cannot turn on or off the control and the "add" and "delete" buttons become text.
I have attached the screenshot below.
Each time this happens, I reset the router and try again. Each time it fails. What should I do?

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Re:TC-W7960 - Cannot save parental controls
2017-03-13 13:24:08
Same issue with an Archer CR700 (hardware version V1.1, firmware version v1.1.0 Build 20160812 Rel515810). Firefox and Safari oare both reporting a syntax error on line 39 of index.htm:

22:08:51.309 SyntaxError: missing } after property list 1 index.htm:39:18

In my case, the problem is that the script inserted into the head of the document does not correctly escape the names of the hosts in the embedded rules object. Earlier today, I set up time limits for a host with a single quote in its name. That broke the quoting in the ruleList dictionary:

[/FONT][FONT=courier new]var ruleList = [ {internalHostRef: 'TheHostRef',
ruleName: 'John's desktop',
enable: 1},];

I'll try a factory reset later to see if that removes the rule. I'll have to redo my wireless network settings as well, which is sort of a pain.