New software intergration

New software intergration
New software intergration
2017-05-01 12:39:11
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I am currently in the process of writing software that will control TPLink Smart Bulbs, Plugs, Switches This software is a plugin that works with a program called EventGhost. EventGhost is an event/action based automation system with a point and click interface and also has real time python scripting. You can have the ability to schedule times when to turn lights on and off. Or to have the lights dim when you turn on the TV. connect it to Push Bullet or to Tasker.. the sky is the limit. There are plugins for MQTT as well as IFTTT. The plugin will also generate an event if you turn a switch or a plug on or off. with bulbs if you change the color or the dim level as well as on or off. So if your watching TV and someone dings the doorbell. it can turn the light on for the person outside. and turn the light on for you (only if the sun has already set.. And Oh it can pause the TV for you as well. Now that's automation!

Available features for Switches, Bulbs and Plugs
Turn on
Turn off
Get state
Get location
Get model
Get the time
Get the time zone
Get the MAC address
Set the MAC address
Get the firmware version
Get the device type
Get the hardware version
Get the WiFi signal strength (rssi)

If metered you will be able to do the following
Get the current power consumption
Get the daily power use
Get the monthly power use
Get the yearly power use
Get the real time power use

Check is bulb supports dimming
Check if bulb supports color
Check if bulb supports color temperature

If the bulb supports dimming
Get the level
Set the level

If the bulb supports color
Get the current color
Set the color

If the bulb supports color temperature
Get the color temperature
Set the color temperature

Switches and Plugs:
Get the LED
Set the LED
Get duration it has been on for

Check out the forums that is where the plugins are.