Does Deco support Ethernet Backhaul

Released On: 2019-09-05 21:39:24Last update time: 2019-09-05 21:47:47

Yes, Deco supports Ethernet backhaul.


The Ethernet backhaul feature allows the wired Deco units to communicate to each other in a manner that is faster and stable compared to a wireless backhaul.

Note: The Wi-Fi backhaul and Ethernet backhaul won’t work at the same time. When two Deco units are connected via an Ethernet cable, the Ethernet backhaul will take effect and Wi-Fi backhaul will not be used.


Step 1 Please set up all Deco units preferably in the same room for the initial setup before finally wiring them together.

Step 2 Connect Deco units via Ethernet cables.


Here are two typical connection structures for Ethernet Backhaul:




Some switches cannot handle and forward the Ethernet II control message that based on the standard IEEE 1905.1 protocol, which is used to setup a wired network, so when a Deco is connected to the switch, the Deco may not work properly. In this case, it's recommended to replace the switch with another one to test.

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Thanks for the reply. I work in a system based on the Hydra platform that works on the cloud  and sometimes we have problems with Ethernet 


Included diagram shows an ethernet star configuration of three M9s.   Is this a good and effective configuration?   Please comment.

Does the above diagram of a wired ethernet star configuration work? 


I assume the three Deco M9s have to be in AP mode since the modem/router is upstream.