Enabling the WPS Function

Released On: 2019-09-11 20:04:48Last update time: 2022-05-05 23:33:12

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) can help you to quickly and securely connect to a network with a tap of a menu item. This article will guide you on how to add a new wireless device to your Deco’s network quickly via WPS.


Here we take Deco M9 Plus as an example


1. On the Deco app, click on “More”, then tap “WPS” icon.


2. Choose one of the Deco units which is closer to your wireless device. Then tap the blue WPS button on the side of the unit to begin the scanning process.


The scanning process will last for 2 minutes. Please push the WPS button on your wireless device within the 2 minutes countdown. The Deco and the client device will start to communicate, and after a couple of minutes your client device should now be connected to the mesh network.



I cannot enable WPS on my M4R.... The app picture shown above is NOT what I have on my iphone. I'm on the latest version 1.10 but I don't have the same menu option. Pls help!

WPS doesn't work for my M4Rs either. 

WPS doesn't work for M4R

Does the AC1750 support WPS?

The WPS feature on the phone app for my Deco Mesh units has not helped me connect my tv or my wireless printer. Seems fairly useless. 

However, perhaps I'm just too ignorant to figure it out.

Am facing problems to connect my deco m5 with my old HP C4795 using WPS. After 2 min I receive an "error WPS" on the printer. Any advice will be appreciated.