Using Your Router As A Wireless Repeater

Released On: 2020-07-31 16:33:23Last update time: 2022-05-09 16:29:37

For reference, the Archer router will be the one acting as the repeater. The main router is your existing router or ISP router etc.


1. Factory default the Archer router by holding the reset button for 15 seconds then release. Leave the Archer router in the same room of the main router.


2. Now you need to know the IP addressing subnet of your main router. For example, if you connect to your main router and you get an IP of, then the Archer router will be getting an IP of It does not need to be .250, you can choose any number if it is not within your DHCP pool.


3. Use a computer where you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to one of the LAN ports of the Archer router and log into it. No other Ethernet cable needs to be connected, just the one from your computer.


4. Set the IP address of the Archer router. In the example below I am assuming my main router gives an IP of 192.168.0.x, select Save. You will probably get disconnected if so log back in with the new IP address given to the Archer router.



5. Set up the WDS bridging which will connect the Archer router to the main router. Select the survey button and choose the network you want to connect to. You can only connect to either the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz. After you choose the network, enter the wireless password that you would normally use to connect to that wireless network. Say for example a visitor came over and wanted to connect to that same network, whichever wireless password you would use is what you enter there. Make sure to select the save button when you are done.







6. Disable the DHCP server and save it.



7. Reboot the router either by selecting the reboot on the top right or pressing the power button behind the router and turning it back on.



I have archer A6. I followed all the above steps but still I can't get connected on the wireless bridged router

Great, now fix it so that the router can actually use the bridged connection and knows it's connected to the internet. Reboot scheduling (ridiculously) relies on the router being setup for internet time syncing in order to work. Sloppy, lazy coding on the part of your development team as usual.

hey good one







Hey there! Thanks for sharing the info, but I'd just like to add one more thing. You'll need to pay attention to the IP addressing subnet of your main router. For example, if the Router with IP address, you will need to make sure the IP you choose for the router acting as a repeater is not within that range. It's a bit technical, but with the right guidance and approach, you can get it done. Let me know if you need any help. I'll be waiting for your replies, guys.

I followed the guide above and it works perfectly. However, if there is a power outage, which is kinda regular where I live, then the router no longer works. I can't reach the IP I set up to access the admin page, and I can't log onto the network any longer.


I am not super tech savvy, but I feel like it is something simple, like reserving the IP, or something like that, but everything I have tried is not working.


The only solution I have found is to reset the device and then start the set up process over again. which is annoying.

Does anyone know why it would become inoperable after the power outage occurs, or if I pull the plug out?

Any solutions would be greatly welcome.



I don't see "WDS bridging"