What you can do if you are not able to log in with the Deco upgrade utility

Released On: 2020-09-11 20:39:44Last update time: 2020-11-13 14:30:34

Login Error below:



Make sure your Deco system could be upgraded through this Utility.


The Deco upgrade utility is meant for the Deco M9 v2.


Make sure the PC running this upgrade Utility is connected to the Deco network.


Wired or Wireless, both fine.


Make sure the TP-Link ID and password are correct.


You may use the same TP-Link ID and password to login the Deco app on your cellphone, if the same ID and password works on your Deco app, this proves that your TP-Link ID and password are correct. Otherwise, you might have to “log out and retrieve your password” in the Deco app.


Note: The TP-Link ID is an email address that could be used for managing your Deco network, you may check it in the Deco app.


Make sure your TP-Link ID is the Owner of the Deco network, not a Manager.


There are two types of TP-Link IDs, the one which created the Deco network, is called “Owner”, the “Owner” could authorize other TP-Link IDs to manage this network. Those other TP-Link IDs are called “Managers”.

You may check it in the Deco app.




If the above steps are finished and you still cannot log in to the upgrade Utility, please check for the following:


If there are any Virtual Adapters on your computer, please disabled them and try logging in again.

For example, any kind of VPN connection, Hyper V, VMware or Oracle Virtual Box Virtual adapters.

You may open “Control Panel>>Network and Internet>>Network and Sharing Center>>On the left, Change Adapter Settings” to check if there are any Virtual Adapters.



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I am not able to get where I need to be to change one of the password to get into everything on the router