Finding a good area to place your Deco nodes

Released On: 2020-10-02 17:21:31Last update time: 2020-10-02 17:23:18

Placing your Deco units is an important step towards enjoying fast, reliable Wi-Fi. However, placement is not an exact science, and you may have to experiment with your Deco in different locations for optimal performance.


1. Placing your Deco according to the layout of your home.

When setting up the Satellite Deco, the Deco app will guide you to place your Deco units when you select a different layout, below is the detailed instruction.




2. For the best experience, when wireless, the connection between the Deco units should be good.

When placing your Deco, please refer to the below steps to check the signal strength from the source Deco.



3. Place your Satellite Deco refer to the tips in the link for optimal performance.


4. If your house is designed with wired Ethernet, hardwiring your Decos is always an option. 


As we know, the wired connection is more stable and faster than the wireless connection. Thus, to provide a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network to your room, the wired connection is a good choice if it’s available.


For the typical connection structures of Ethernet Backhaul, please refer to this link.

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My Deco M3W don't have a view like this with "Signal Source" or "Connected Clients".  The view merely states Deco Health Check Deco is working well.  Firmware version 1.0.6 Build 20201019 Rel. 22614.  How can I tell which clients have connected to which of my M3W?  How can I tell the signal strength of the source unit on these?