Getting Wi-Fi to your backyard

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Archer AX6000
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A common problem someone will face is how to have Wi-Fi coverage outside of their residence. With emerging products such as our Deco units or utilizing products that have OneMesh, coverage in your house can be resolved with that.

Providing a wireless connection is a bit different in that you can not easily place a Deco unit in the middle of the yard or have a range extender outside with an extension cable. Yes, you can do that, but you could be at risk of the device failing as they are not designed for outside use.

The safest approach is to use an outdoor rated networking device. There are various ways to tackle this coverage issue.

One way is to use CPE outdoor AP units to beam the signal to another CPE the have a attached router to provide Wi-Fi.

Another way is to use the EAP110-Outdoor or the EAP225-Outdoor. A big difference between the CPE devices and the EAP is the EAP devices are omnidirectional so the signal will be broadcasted similar to how a Wi-Fi router does. The CPE devices are very directional, mainly good for sending a signal from point to point.

If you are trying to decide which EAP to get, the EAP 110 is 2.4Ghz only, and has a 100 Mbps Ethernet port to receive the internet connection. The EAP225 is dual band and has a gigabit port. EAP units must be wired to the router, it does not use Wi-Fi to receive internet.

In using the above image as a reference, the left house will just have the EAP Outdoor unit that will blanket the area with a wireless signal so you can just connect to the available network directly like you would do in your house.

To summarize, if you are looking for complete home coverage our Deco systems do a great job at that. If you are more comfortable working with a router, then the AX6000 would be a solid choice. You might have a situation where the Deco or router might still be able to reach outside and nothing else Is needed for outside, but if coverage is needed the EAP Outdoor would work fine.

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