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We found that some forum users have difficulty in getting the model number of their own device so that they failed to post a thread or no model number chosen in their thread. This article will show you how to get the model number and its product category to start a thread.


Finding your correct model:

First, there are 2 terms you get confused mostly — here we list AC1750 and AV600 as example; Please notice that they are not the actual model number, instead, they are the wireless link speed and the Powerline link rate; the actual model number starts with Archer, TL-WPA/TL-PA. Like Archer C7, TL-WPA8630.

Once we get the correct model number, how do we post a thread to get some help? Below we list some common examples based on the current product categories.

For the whole home Wi-Fi system, it is related to the Deco series, like Deco M9 plus and Deco M5.

For the Wi-Fi router, the model number starts with TL-WRXXX, TL-WDRXXX and Archer CXX/AXxxx, like TL-WR841N, TL-WDR4300, Archer C7 and Archer AX6000.

For the DSL modem & routers, it starts with TD-W, Archer Dxx or Archer VRxxx, like TD-W9970, Archer D2, and Archer VR900 or Archer VR900v.

For the 3/4G routers & MIFI, the model begins with TL-MR, Archer MR, and Mxxx, like TL-MR6400, Archer MR400, M7350.

For the Range Extender, it starts with TL-WAXXRE, REXXX, like TL-WA850RE or RE450.

For the Access Point, it starts with TL-WAXXND, or APxxx, like TL-WA901ND, or AP300.

For the Powerline Adapters, the model number begins with TL-WPA/TL-PAXX, like TL-WPA8630KIT or TL-PA8030PKIT.

For the Smart Switches, the model number is HS200, HS210, or HS220.

For the Adapters, it means the network adapter, like TL-WN725N, Archer T4U, or Archer T9E.

*Should the model still not be found, please indicate that at the begging of the post so we may make the appropriate updates.


Step 1

Turn over the device, you can see a label at the back of the devices of TP-Link, and note down the LAN IP address, Username and Password. Here we take TD-W8961ND as example, the LAN IP is

Step 2

Connect your computer or phone to your TP-Link device. Open your web browser and enter the LAN IP address in the address bar, then press "Enter".  We could use IE, Firefox, chrome and safari, and so on. Here we take IE as an example.

Step 3

Enter the username and password of your device. The default Username and Password are both admin.


Step 4

Usually, on the web-based Utility (Management Page), you can find the firmware information. The build number indicates the released date, the first two or four digits representing the year, the next two months, and the next two days. For example, 120315 means it’s released on March 15, 2012; and 20140924 represents September 24, 2014.

Please choose the category of your device in the table below. 

For Wi-Fi Routers:

Example A:

Example B:


Example C:

For DSL Modems & Routers

Example A:

Example B:

Example C:

Example D:

Example E:

Example F:


For Network Expansion

Example A:

Example B:


Powerline Adapters

Example A

Open the management utility  firmware version will display under the Status tab.

Example B

Open the utility move your mouse over a device, and click the (Basic) icon. Go to the Version page. Here you see the current firmware version of this device.

For Smart Home (Cloud Cameras)