Parental Controls: Safeguarding Your Children

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Why the need for Parental Controls?


The amount of time a child looks at a computer screen is an ongoing issue. A report by the BBC News in 2015 suggested that kids aged five to sixteen spent six and a half hours a day glued to their screens. That figure is even alarming in current times. It seems you can’t tear them away. Even little kids are more interested in fiddling with their tablets. Yet parents continue to worry about their kids being exposed to inappropriate content and indulging in their tablets for too long. It’s impossible to simply isolate them from the internet. This makes it particularly important to monitor and manage content and time online from a parent’s perspective.


This issue that we discussed so far can be resolved. With our routers Parental Controls, you will have an easy solution to help you manage your kids’ usage time.


What Are Parental Controls?


Parental Controls provide a smart management tool for families to manage what content is available to their kids and how much time they are allowed to access the internet. Based on parental requirements, Parental Controls generally fall into the following categories.

Content filter. This restricts access to content that is deemed unsuitable for kids of a certain age, such as adult content like pornography or graphic violence. An ICM survey showed that almost a quarter of kids under twelve had been exposed to online pornography. Filtering such explicit content is key to protecting kids.

Time restriction. Restricting kids’ time online helps to control when your kids are able to access the internet.

Usage management. This enables parents to limit their children’s internet access to certain websites.

Monitoring. This allows parents to track the websites and applications their kids have been using.


Parental Controls of TP-Link HomecareTM take the needs of parents into consideration and are user-friendly.


The HomecareTM Parental Controls of TP-Link Routers


Parental Controls is one of the three functions of HomecareTM, providing a relatively comprehensive mechanism of smart networking management.

Parental Controls feature:  

1. Powerful user profile. You can set different controlling rules for different devices by creating profiles and adding devices into these profiles. Rules target these profiles. Up to sixteen profiles are supported with a maximum of sixteen devices under each one.


2. Customized filter level. Set individual filter levels for each profile. There is a preset filter level for each of the four age groups—Child, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Adult. Of course, parents are the ones to decide the age-appropriate content for their kids. Therefore, parents can add to or delete content from the filtering list.


3. Time Limits. Time limits restrict time kids spend online. To make it more flexible, you can set different access time on weekdays and weekends. Bedtime sets time periods during which kids’ devices cannot access the internet.


4. Insights. Today, you may have no idea what you kids are doing on the Internet. Things are more secretive now with the smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices. The Insights feature shows what websites your kids visit most and how much time they spend. This brings peace of mind to parents. Further, you can block a certain website as you see fit from the frequently visited list.


5. Pause. In special cases where you want your kids to quit their tablet while internet time is still available, you can disable the internet connection of their devices with a simple press of a button.


How to Set Parental Controls?


Having gained a knowledge about what Parental Controls can do for you, you might want to know how to set the function. Please refer to the FAQ “Using HomeCare Parental Controls on a TP-Link Router” via

Parental Controls of a TP-Link Router offers a parents an easy and smart way to manage time and content online. Parents have more control on their child’s internet usage and kids are forced to make better use of the internet, a win-win result for both kids and parents.

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