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Deco M4 – Shiny, pretty…what is it?

The Deco M4 is the third model added to our Deco family of Whole-Home Wi-Fi Mesh routers. If you were to rank the units by tier the highest would be the Deco M9, then the Deco M5, and finally the Deco M4.

In comparing the Deco M4 with its predecessors, the closest one that it compares to is the Deco M5. Now the aim of the Deco M4 is to be an economical product for users with the assistance of utilizing the Deco app for convince.

An obvious feature is the cylindraical shape compared to its predeccors disk shape. This is done to help with the heat dissipation.

Other differences would be the Parental Controls. The M4 uses the feature like our SOHO routers where keywords and URLs are used rather then being able to utilize HomeCare. However, the user interface will be what you normally see on the M5.

Finally, device priority is impleneted rather then application, and the speed test was replaced by the bandwidth control simlar to SOHO router.

With a pack of three Deco M4s you can look to gain about 5,500 sq. feet of coverage.

We will leave off with various reviews by users such as yourself and their experience with the Deco M4:



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