What is TP-Link Homecare?

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What is TP-Link Homecare?


TP-Link’s Homecare is a built-in service, powered by TrendMicro.  This service is provided for free for the first 3 years and is available in all TP-Link Homecare routers.   This service is actually made up of three separate features:  Parental controls, Antivirus, and QOS.


Antivirus:  The antivirus feature is a whole home network defense service.  What does this mean?  Well, it means it protects all devices on your network, not just computers, but all connected devices.  This means TVs, game consoles, even thermostats and voice assistants are protected.  It does not protect and clean viruses like a traditional antivirus you would find on a computer or tablet does.  Instead it has three functions:  A malicious content filter, an Intrusion prevention system, and a device quarantine. 

            Malicious Content Filter:  If a website is in TrendMicro’s database as known infected or damaging site, it will be blocked, keeping your devices from being infected with malicious code.


            Intrusion Prevention System:  This closes vulnerabilities in your network’s armor, protecting your system and applications from external attacks.


            Device Quarantine:  If a device has been compromised the system will quarantine it.   This device will still have access to the internet, but it will not be able to communicate with network resources, applications or devices, thus protecting the rest of your network and devices from infection.


QOS:  Quality of service or QOS is another feature of HomeCare.  While most TP-Link routers have a QOS feature, they are not as intuitive and robust as the QOS provided in Homecare. So what does QOS even do?  In simplest terms it gives traffic priority to specifically set devices or services.  Homecare QOS can be set either at the application level, like gaming, streaming, surfing or chatting, or by device. When choosing application you can even set a customer setting that allows you to set multiple applications to the same high priority.


Parental Controls:  Parental controls is another feature that you can find in most TP-Link Routers but the version in Homecare is a cut above the rest.  Frist you can set a profile for each child giving unique settings for each kid and their devices.  Next you can group devices under a single profile, so that all devices in that profile adhere to the same rules. When setting the rules you can choose form one of 4 preset:  Child (0-7), Pre-Teen (8-12), Teen (13-17), and Adult (17+).  Each preset has specific filters already enabled, although you can customize these preset and even add your own.  You are even able to set online time limits that limit that ammount of time that can be spent online each day and even bed time which disables the internet access to the affected devices for a set ammount of time. Form the dashboard you are even able to view traffic history and pause their internet access.  For example if its dinner time you make sure you don’t hear “5 more minutes!”.


For a list of Homecare router follow this link:  https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/routers/wifi-routers?filterby=5707






Antivirus is software based but built into the routerfrimware so ran via the rotuer's hardware.  All devices that conect to the router's network wired or wireless, regardless of type of device benefit from the protection. 



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Carl | TP-Link support 

I been having an issue on this. I created a profile for my son which uses 2 devices on the network. The filter level switches from teen to adult and the time controls are switched to off. Not sure if he login to the router to make these changes or if the router is not saving my configuration setting. I have changed admin password mutiple time but seem to have the same problem. Any ideas here?




HI, a few questions for you.


1.  Are you saving the changes before you log out of the router?

2.  Are you setting the parental controls via the Tether/Deco app or through a web interface?

3.  What router model and version are you using

4.  Is the frimware up to date?


thank you 

Is there any price for renewal options yet? I have a Deco M5 that will expire in 543 days & I would like an idea of cost & options (example: $XX.xx = 1 year, 3 years etc).


Thank you!




No, not yet. However we will check with our development team and when we have something we will make a post about it.  I'll try to get that as soon as possible


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Okay 😊 know

Hi Everyone.


So we don't have an update to pricing however you can bookmark this FAQ.  As updates are made available it will be updated to reflect those changes and updates.






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Excatly.  You can create a profile for each user.  Link their devices to that profile and set age and custom filters to said proifle.  You can also set access time limits and bed time or "cut off" hours as well. 


here is a video that shows the setup process in detial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=76&v=16O0GFG5DG0



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I followed the above instruction for setting up parental controls; but they don't take effect. I aslo cannot pause internet from tethered app.


I have tried rebooting router and computer and still no help


any advice



Which router do you have?