What is TP-Link Homecare?

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What is TP-Link Homecare?


TP-Link’s Homecare is a built-in service, powered by TrendMicro.  This service is provided for free for the first 3 years and is available in all TP-Link Homecare routers.   This service is actually made up of three separate features:  Parental controls, Antivirus, and QOS.


Antivirus:  The antivirus feature is a whole home network defense service.  What does this mean?  Well, it means it protects all devices on your network, not just computers, but all connected devices.  This means TVs, game consoles, even thermostats and voice assistants are protected.  It does not protect and clean viruses like a traditional antivirus you would find on a computer or tablet does.  Instead it has three functions:  A malicious content filter, an Intrusion prevention system, and a device quarantine. 

            Malicious Content Filter:  If a website is in TrendMicro’s database as known infected or damaging site, it will be blocked, keeping your devices from being infected with malicious code.


            Intrusion Prevention System:  This closes vulnerabilities in your network’s armor, protecting your system and applications from external attacks.


            Device Quarantine:  If a device has been compromised the system will quarantine it.   This device will still have access to the internet, but it will not be able to communicate with network resources, applications or devices, thus protecting the rest of your network and devices from infection.


QOS:  Quality of service or QOS is another feature of HomeCare.  While most TP-Link routers have a QOS feature, they are not as intuitive and robust as the QOS provided in Homecare. So what does QOS even do?  In simplest terms it gives traffic priority to specifically set devices or services.  Homecare QOS can be set either at the application level, like gaming, streaming, surfing or chatting, or by device. When choosing application you can even set a customer setting that allows you to set multiple applications to the same high priority.


Parental Controls:  Parental controls is another feature that you can find in most TP-Link Routers but the version in Homecare is a cut above the rest.  Frist you can set a profile for each child giving unique settings for each kid and their devices.  Next you can group devices under a single profile, so that all devices in that profile adhere to the same rules. When setting the rules you can choose form one of 4 preset:  Child (0-7), Pre-Teen (8-12), Teen (13-17), and Adult (17+).  Each preset has specific filters already enabled, although you can customize these preset and even add your own.  You are even able to set online time limits that limit that ammount of time that can be spent online each day and even bed time which disables the internet access to the affected devices for a set ammount of time. Form the dashboard you are even able to view traffic history and pause their internet access.  For example if its dinner time you make sure you don’t hear “5 more minutes!”.


For a list of Homecare router follow this link:  https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/routers/wifi-routers?filterby=5707








So I recently bought an archer c4000 and have turned on Homecare but it seems the virus database has only been checked once.  What is the interval for checking?  Can I change that interval or do a force check?



i have tp link x50 which is new where the home care is only showing for 3months but u are stating that its free for 3years.... then why is it showing as 3 months subcription...




This Article relates to the older version of HomeCare powered by TrendMicro.  The one the X50 will have is HomeCare Pro powered by Avira, which debuted at CES last week.   That is the diffrence in the subcription plans.  Avira will be a cost based service with a free trial. 

How do I access homecare on an Archer C2300, V2, latest firmware.
i have registered via the web, but the homecare icon is not appearing?



Can you provide a screen shot of what you do see?  This will allow us to better assist you.  

Hi there,


I had a bit of a bumpy experience with the Homecare on my Deco M9. It would block my Smart TV from accessing Netflix, some ordinary websites on my laptop and mirroring from my iPhone.


think this was because the Deco I ordered came from a German retailer and that was causing some incompatibility or false positives to be flagged up on the system. I'm based in the UK so I'm guessing UK sites were being blocked by the EU Deco.


I reported it to TP Link tech support who said this was an issue they'd raise with Trend Micro. Sadly it still hasn't been fixed


A workaround is to set the Decos into Access Point mode and let my Archer VR2600 handle the internet traffic. I've been working with this for about 18 months now, however I'd really like to take advantage of the Homecare Antivirus System as this was the reason I got the Deco Mesh System in the first place.

I'm considering upgrading my VR2600 (which is approaching the end of its lifecycle) to a dedicated modem (such as Draytek's Vigor 130) and a TP Link Router AC4000 - which has Homecare - and I'll try to make sure it comes from a UK retailer.


So my question is: has anybody, either in tech support or as a fellow customer in the UK, come across any issues with using Homecare and it blocking Netflix/mirroring/other non-malicious websites? I'd hate to buy the new router only to have to send it back again!


Thanks all,



Thanks for the information,

But, I been having an issue on this.

  1. I created a profile for my son which uses 2 devices on the network.
  2. The filter level switches from teen to adult and the time controls are switched to off. Not sure if he login to the router to make these changes or if the router is not saving my configuration setting.
  3. I have changed admin password mutiple time but seem to have the same problem

Hi Josh


Settings should be saved as long as you hit the save button.  As long as they are saved the settings should be able to be changed except through a manual process.  If it was due to a bug the whole configuration would have been lost.  One thing I would do is limite the access to your router's admin page to just your devices.  If that stops the changes you will know they were being changed manually. 

I have Archer A20/AC4000. QOS, which I set to High in Custom, all devices High Priority,and reset the bandwidth limits up to 2000MB Download and 100MB Upload, still speed tests to no more than 600-700MB, which is a 50% bandwidth reduction. Speed tests to my modem show 1.3-1.4GB. My 1.2GB service is from xfinity. Very disappointed I can't turn off or remove QOS. I didn't have it on my Archer 3150 - never any issues. A20 sucks so far. Plus my wife's Surface 4 Pro doesn't hold a connection like it did with the 3150. Looks like I made a $150 mistake. Extremely disappointed. Plus you can't register my S/N. Sheesh.Going back to Linksys/Cisco?