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2022-11-30 08:59:21
Re:Unable to connect GE oven using SmartHQ
@Wes1 You could try to temporarily turn off 5ghz just for configuring the GE oven(turn it back after setup). then disable Fast roaming/Beamforming on the Deco APP>More>Advanced.
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2022-11-29 02:16:38
Re:RE205 updating firmware
@VV333 Hi, I think you could try to fresh the upgrade page, and closing the page would not break the unit. Then you could log back into the web UI and check whether the firmware is changed or not. By...
Forums/ Deco
2022-11-21 03:13:47
Re:Deco x60 - is a remote unit RJ45 hardwire connectable?
@Worshipstudio Yes, it has been mentioned here:https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/1794/
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2022-11-16 03:15:27
Re:History of bandwidth usage
@Spottedmahn Hi, it is a subscribed feature in HomeShield Pro.
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2022-11-15 11:24:27
Re:Need help deciding what I need from scratch!!
@imauspilot Hi, Starlink also provides a router in the kit. Do you order Starlink Gen-1(Round Dish), or Gen-2(Rectangular Dish)? Would there be trees or walls, any barriers between the main cabin and...
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2022-11-14 03:08:02
Re:Address Reservations on Deco S4?
@Bill_St, Do you use Deco S4 under wireless router mode? I can find the address reservation on the App and Deco S4 should support it as well.