YouTube review: 3-Way Wall Switch Kit, Model HS210

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YouTube review: 3-Way Wall Switch Kit, Model HS210

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YouTube review: 3-Way Wall Switch Kit, Model HS210
YouTube review: 3-Way Wall Switch Kit, Model HS210
2018-02-11 12:25:34
Model : HS210

Hardware Version : 1.0

Firmware Version :

ISP : Gigabit FiOS

[SIZE=4][FONT=arial][COLOR=#222222][COLOR=#000000]Voice Controlled 3-Way Wall Switch Kit, Model HS210[/FONT]
My new YouTube Comprehensive Review (10:16 minutes)

YouTube, Channel Ron Z, TP-Link product reviews

This is a review of a free demo unit received from TP-Link, for testing and feedback, as part of their review program. Submitted as part of a free sample program.

Most of my home has already been automated with TP-Link Smart Bulbs, Plugs, and 2-Way Switches. One holdout was a stairway light controlled by two traditional manual 3-Way Switches. My home has a ceiling light in a stairway, linking the first and second floor. One switch is downstairs and one upstairs. These are called 3-Way Switches because there are 3 states: both switches On, both Off, or one On and one Off. I was waiting for TP-Link to manufacture Smart 3-Way Switches and thankfully now they offer them in the HS210 Kit. The Kit makes it easy to transition from traditional 3-Way Switches to Smart Switches. A few weeks ago I replaced two legacy 3-Way switches with the Smart Switches in the HS210 Kit. The installation, setup, and operation was easy and nearly goof proof. Now my stairway light is connected by Wi-Fi to the Internet and it can be remotely controlled using a Smartphone or Tablet anytime, from anywhere in the world. Additionally there is hands-free voice-control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, which in itself is very useful and fun.

The wires being switched are called Travelers. Although the Common or Neutral wire is not switched, the latest electrical code still requires that a Neutral wire be present at switch boxes. The Neutral wire is used to accommodate lighted switches, occupancy sensors, and in this case to power the Smart Switch’s Wi-Fi radio.

Both the HS210 Smart Switches and face plates have a high quality look and feel. And just as before, for manual operation, a light tap at the bottom of the large rectangular switch toggles the HS210 Smart Switch. These are momentary switches. Very little movement is needed to toggle. There is an internal dim white-circle LED indicator on the lower end of the switches to help you find the Smart Switches in a dark room. Below the main HS210 Smart Switch are two small rectangular buttons. RESET for App-Config Mode or Factory Reset. RESTART to reboot. The face plates looks high-end and are heavy-duty. They are white, modern, and look good in any décor. The face plates snap onto the switch; there are no screw holes.

HS210 Smart Switches connect directly to the router; no hub is needed. Both of my HS210 Smart Switches are located several rooms away far from my TP-Link Archer C5400 router. Wi-Fi has never disconnected. HS210 Wi-Fi operates on the 2.4GHz band. That gives it good Wi-Fi range and makes it compatible with all routers. If the 5GHz band had been used, the speed increase would have been inconsequential, but the range would have been less and older routers wouldn’t have been accommodated.

HS210 Smart Switch installation and setup was simple and easy. Safety precautions are a priority. Turn the circuit breaker Off before beginning the installation. Then double-check that there is no voltage at the switch. The free Kasa App, available for Android and Apple iOS devices, needs to be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Kasa help screens walk you though the replacement of both original traditional manual switches, step-by-step.

The HS210 Kit includes all the hardware needed: 2 Smart Switches, 2 Wall Plates, 4 Wire Nuts, 2 sets of Wire Label stickers, and the Welcome to Kasa, Quick Installation Guide. A complete User Guide for the Smart 3-Way HS210 KIT can be downloaded, as an 18 page PDF file, from TP-Link’s website. I just followed Kasa’s help screens and completed the entire project in about an hour. The twist-on Wire Nut screw connectors facilitate the installation. When directed by Kasa, I just put the 2 or 3 designed wires together and screwed the plastic cap over them.

Now I can control that 3-Way stairway light with Kasa from my smartphone and tablet, remotely from my bedroom, from anywhere in the house, actually from anywhere in the world through the Internet. HS210 Smart 3-Way Wall Switches are sophisticated digital rule-based timers. “Schedule” events to turn a device On or Off, selecting times and days of the week; even different times on different days. Kasa can Schedule the stairway light to turn On or Off automatically at various times during the day. “Away Mode” specifies a time period during which a connected device will turn On and Off randomly, mimicking someone being at home. Since the stairway light is visible to the street, through a window, I reasoned that having it controlled by HS210 Smart Switches could help deter burglars. Now when we take a trip or go on vacation, Kasa’s Away mode can fool burglars, by randomly turning the light On and Off to simulate someone being at home. This makes mechanical timers obsolete. In “Schedule” and “Away Mode”, “SUNRISE” or “SUNSET” can also be assigned. “Timer” turns a connected device either On or Off after a specified period of time.

With Alexa Echo and DOT devices, it is convenient to turn the stairway switch On and Off using voice commands. Voice control proves to be especially handy when your hands are full. The kids think voice control is cool and lots of fun. Voice control also works well with Google Home devices.

I frequently work late and return home at night. The HS210’s remote capability provides versatility and gives me a lot of flexibility. I can use my Smartphone to turn on that stairway light from my office across town, the local railroad station, my driveway, or my garage.

With Kasa Scenes and Alexa Groups, multiple TP-LINK Smart Switches and Plugs can be joined together and controlled under one name.




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