KL400L5 keeps going "Unavailable"

KL400L5 keeps going "Unavailable"

KL400L5 keeps going "Unavailable"
KL400L5 keeps going "Unavailable"
2022-09-14 21:39:33
Model: KL400L5  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.0.8



I have numerous KASA products, switches, lights, and plugs, that all are working 100%.


I also have 2 KL400L5 LED strips that keep disconnecting and showing as Unavailable.


I have tried numerous things to determine what the issue is but nothing solves this problem.


Although I can make it work reliably but it is not a workable solution.


I run my home automation on HomeAssistant. If I make a call service to turn on or off the LEDs usually respond followed by shortly afterwards(10-15 seconds) going unavailable.


Both HomeAssistant and Kasa app show unavailable. Ping IP does not respond to this device any longer.


Sometimes the device becomes available again after a while( time to restore varies) upon which the whole scenario repeats again.


Sometimes the device will not self restore. I am not even able to power off the LEDs with the hardware button on the controller.


At this time the only way to rstore operation is to power off/on the contoller. Then it will work for a while and eventually fail again. Usually within a day.


The way I got it to work 100% perfectly was to disconnect the internet from my router. I just diabled WAN.


KASA app shows which devices or now working locally of which KL400L5 is.


KASA app and HomeAssistant now work perfectly, no more unavailable. I switched the LEDS on and off more than a hundred times , worked every time.


Unfortunately I need the internet so upon restoring WAN the KL400L5 starts failing again.


I am quite convinced that there is a bug with these KL400L5 devices and I hope TP-Link can fix them.



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