Unable to connect to camera off wifi

Unable to connect to camera off wifi
Unable to connect to camera off wifi
2017-04-12 18:10:39
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I have having problems connecting to my NC450 via my 4G connection. Whenever i turn off my wifi connection and attempt to view the camera using the mobile network, it loses connectivity. Is there something that I have missed during the setup process? When I am connected under my home wifi, everything appear to be working fine. Thanks.
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Re:Unable to connect to camera off wifi
2017-04-18 13:07:26
At home, you are probably using your own network. For me, that would be ATT&T.

I'm not familiar with 4G connections, but you might want to doublecheck your settings using a PC only.

Copy and paste from another thread I posted at:

When I set up my NC 450 on my Ipad with IPCam (cam) plugged into router (modem, gateway, ppl call it different names). I had the option to select Wireless. Once that set up finished, I unplugged cam from PC. Works well.

If that option is missing from your phone or tablet, try this.
Using your PC, log into your camera via the YOUR link. Mine is http://192.168.1.XX.
The XX identifies my camera on my network.
You must log in using the admin username and password you set up.

1. Left side column, select Advanced.
2. Dropdown menu, select Wireless Connection.