HomeKit - Setup through Apple Home and Kasa

Released On: 2022-06-02 23:15:07Last update time: 2022-06-13 23:21:45

Setting Up Your Apple HomeKit Devices through the Kasa App

Did you know that Homekit-supported Kasa devices can be configured through Apple Homekit to give you more control over your devices in both applications?


If using Homekit Setup, and you do not have the QR code card readily available, We recommend plugging the device into a power strip or extender, so that the QR Code is Visible without unplugging the device.


This guide will help you set up your HomeKit-supported Kasa Smart Plug devices from within the Apple Homekit App.

Current Compatibility: KP125, EP25


Note: Please first factory reset the device before starting configuration.

Need Help Resetting Your Plug? Visit this Article Regarding the Various Reset Processes Available


For most Kasa smart plugs, the plug can be reset by pressing and holding the power button on the right panel of the plug for about 10 seconds until the LED flashes amber rapidly to factory reset the plug.



Guided Setup Video:





Step-By-Step Instructions:



1. Open your Kasa Smart App, Tap the '+' in the upper right corner and select the type of device that you would like to set up.






2. Power On the Plug and check whether the LED is blinking the color requested in the Kasa application. If it is not, please factory reset your plug.






3. Tap "Add to Home" to begin the process of adding the device to your Home. On the next screen that appears, authorize Kasa to access your Apple Home's data so that you can control your device from both the Kasa and Apple Home Applications.






4. Scan the HomeKit QR code on your device. It will add your device automatically. 

Also, when scanning the QR code in the Home App, please try to scan the QR code on the device itself. This is an option that can fix most setup issues and is often overlooked by users. If this is not possible there is a Card Included with the Same QR Code.






5. Your device should now be added to the HomeKit App Successfully. You can edit its name and choose which room it is in. Tap Next.






6. Here you can set the device to follow scenes. After setting which scenes you would like the device to be controlled by, tap Done.





7. Your Kasa Smart App will now discover the device automatically. By adding it to the Kasa application, you can also manage it and customize its settings in the Kasa Smart app.








Is there a way to configue Apple HomeKit after the devices have already been added to Kasa Smart app?

Can I add my whole system from the Kasa Smart app, or do I have to manually add one device at a time?