Changing WiFi Networks After Changing Networks/Settings

Released On: 2022-07-26 22:22:26Last update time: 2022-07-26 22:22:26

Changing WiFi Networks After Changing Networks/Settings

Original Courtesy of the Community User: Sacks


Please do this process for One device at a time as the temporary networks can make this process excessively confusing.


If you have recently changed the name of your WiFi Network or have changed the settings, you may have noticed that some devices may have difficulty reconnecting to the network. There are a few ways to go about changing the networks, however, the most efficient way, especially when you have multiple devices is detailed below:


Ensure You Are Connected to your NEW WiFi Network,

If connected to the old network still, you will have to restart the entire process.


Open the Kasa Application


Begin a SOFT RESET of the Smart Device:  

Hold the button on the switch or device until it flashes green and amber. This should take 5 seconds and will indicate that the network settings have been reset. If held down longer, you will begin the Factory Reset Process and will have to set the device up as a new device.


If you need further information regarding resetting your smart plug please visit the Knowledge Base Article Available Here: Resetting a Plug - Soft and Factory Resets


From the Kasa Application:


Tap the '+' button in the upper right and select "Add a New Device" 

You're not actually adding a new device, this just begins the setup process. 


Ensure that you select the correct model of the device: 

If it is incorrect, the device will not connect to the network and will appear as though you need to reset the device again, even though the wrong switch was simply selected. This is important and may prevent you from continuing through the process.


Follow the In-App Directions:

  Informing the application that the device is flashing green and amber, and then connect to the device's temporary wifi network when asked. If you selected the wrong device in the previous step, your phone will be unable to connect to the device and setup will fail.



STOP - READ AHEAD - Easy Mistake Ahead




 You will now be asked if you would like to reset the device. You should be provided with two options, one to reset the device and one to not reset the device. Please select the option that DOES NOT RESET your device. 


Select your WiFi Network

Enter the new username and password of the new network.




The Application will now prompt you to input or confirm any information about the device such as the room, or name. You can continue through this setup; OR  according to the User: Sacks, you can exit the Kasa Application once the device is connected, and the existing settings will be the same and the device will be functioning as it did before, but while connected to the new network.