Cannot Find Your Tapo Camera in the Application

Released On: 2022-07-18 21:42:06Last update time: 2022-07-18 21:42:06

What To Do If You Cannot Find Your Tapo Camera in the Application

If you cannot find your configured camera in the Tapo App, please follow the steps below to diagnose and troubleshoot the connection issue.

This article currently applies to the: TC60, TC65, TC70, Tapo C100, Tapo C200, Tapo C210, Tapo C310


Step 1: Check the System Light

The Camera's Light Should be Solid Green, indicating that it is connected to the network.

Check the DHCP Client List on your Router to Verify that the Camera is connected to the Network, If you cannot identify the camera in the DHCP list, Proceed Directly to Step 4.


Step 2: Verify Whether or Not There are any Special Characters in your Tapo Account Password

If there are special characters, try removing the special characters to make the password simpler

Then, Reset the Camera and Start the Configuration Process Over


Step 3: Ensure That Your Smart Phone is Connected to the Same Wi-Fi Network As Your Camera.

Verify whether or not the camera is visible in the Tapo Application,

If you can see the Camera, that means that the camera has failed to connect to the cloud, and therefore you cannot access it remotely.

To Remedy This, We Recommend turning off the firewall for your router and then resetting and reconfiguring the camera. If you still cannot see the camera, make sure that you have logged into the correct account for which you configured the camera originally.


Step 4: Reset Your Camera

Please flip the monitor of the camera and find the Reset button. Then press and hold the Reset button for seconds till the camera says “Reset Successful


Step 5: Check the DHCP Server of Your Router

Make Sure that this setting is enabled in your router settings, and then attempt to reconfigure the camera.