Managing Your Kasa Subscrption

Released On: 2023-01-05 00:40:27Last update time: 2023-01-05 00:40:27

Kasa Care Now Supports In-App Subscriptions Payments!

To comply with the in-app purchase policies of the iOS App and Google Play Stores, we are announcing that Kasa Care will officially support In-app subscription payments starting with the December Kasa app update.


Two Ways to Manage your Account |   In-App and an All-New Web Portal


Customers who subscribe to Kasa Care after the December 2022 app update are able to choose how to subscribe.  They can either subscribe through the new in-app system or through the new web portal.  Whichever method is chosen that will be the method you will need to use going forward to manage your account’s subscription type. 


| Brand-New Kasa Care Web Portal

Our team has built an easy-to-use Web Portal for Kasa Care. This provides a new way to view, manage or update your subscription type.  This will be the only management option for customers who have subscribed prior to the December app update.


The following actions are only available in the Web Portal:

  • Upgrade or downgrade Kasa Care Plan, including
    • Switch Between Kasa Care Plus and Kasa Care Premium
    • Switch Between Month/ Yearly Billing cycles


The following actions will still be available in the Kasa App regardless of the method used to subscribe:

  • Add or Remove the camera from the plan
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Viewing subscription status and details



  • Kasa Care costs are nearly unchanged. Example:  $3 Before vs $2.99 now.
  • Existing and new customers who subscribe to Kasa Care through the web portal will not be able to able to modify their subscription type using the Kasa App.
  • Existing customers, prior to Dec 2020’s app update will only be able to manage subscriptions using the Web Portal
  • To use in-app purchases customers will be required to cancel their existing Kasa Care account and resubscribe in the Kasa app (after Dec 2022 update)
  • This in-app subscription service will be released in the IOS version of Kasa first, followed then by the Android version.



Frequently Asked Questions


Here we’d list some FAQ instructions that help you through managing your Kasa Care subscriptions from the Web or the Kasa application.

If you need more help with Kasa Care, contact TP-Link Customer Service here.