Matter Controller Compatibility and Setup

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Matter Controller Compatability and Setup

Matter Hubs Can be Built Into Other Devices, or maybe simply a smartphone application (such as the LG ThinQ App), and you may already have a controller on your network. Most Major Manufacturers have their own plans to update their own devices to operate as a Matter Hub via a software upgrade. Please Check with your corresponding manufacturer for updates on their Matter protocol integration.


As the Matter Protocol is just rolling out to devices and platforms, you may experience limitations or difficulties when connecting devices to different controllers. If the pairing process fails, please try again using the Pin Code on the Matter Label, as this could be potentially more accurate and is far easier when troubleshooting your device. If you do not already have an existing matter network, the device may take a few attempts to identify and connect to your network correctly. To Restart the Matter Paring Process:


Please Factory Reset the Device, which will reactivate the Bluetooth Connection necessary for the Matter Pairing Process.


How To Setup a Matter-Compatible Device with a Third-Party Controller


Step 1. Factory Reset the TP-Link Matter-certified device.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

Step 3. Open your selected smart home app and scan the QR code or manually enter the setup digits (usually provided on the device in the package).

Step 4. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the setup.


Matter Controller Compatability

Note: A Compatible Matter Controller is Required to Setup a Matter-Compatible Device with a Third-Party Service



Google Home Controllers

Google App Version or Later

Device Type

Device Name

Wi-Fi Routers

Nest Wi-Fi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E)


Google Home, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Audio


Nest Hub (1st gen), Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max

Google Official Setup Guide




Amazon / Alexa Controllers

Alexa App Version

2.2.491118.0 or later


Device Name

Echo/Echo Dot

  • 5th Gen: Echo Dot, Echo Dot (Gen 5 with Clock)
  • 4th Gen: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot (Gen 4 with Clock)
  • 3rd Gen: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot (Gen 3 with Clock)

Echo Show

  • 3rd Gen: Echo Show 10, Echo Show 15
  • 2nd Gen: Echo Show 8, Echo Show 5
  • 1st Gen: Echo Show, Echo Show 8

Echo Studio


Echo Input


Echo Flex


Alexa Official Setup Guide


Alexa Users - Please Use the Alexa App to Configure the Connection First, as the Alexa App has not yet added the ability to set up a matter device with a pairing code.



Apple Home / Homekit

iOS Requirement

iOS 16.2


Device Name


HomePod, HomePod Mini – All Models


Apple TV, Apple TV 4K - All Models

Apple Home Official Setup Guide


Apple Home Users: Connecting a Device to your Apple Home will use two of the available matter fabrics as a result of Apple's Implementation of the protocol. If you are having difficulty setting up the device, please set up the device through the Tapo Application to check for firmware updates, and then reset and configure the device in your Apple Home App first.



Samsung SmartThings Controllers

SmartThings App Version

1.7.91(Android) 1.6.94(iOS) or Higher

Hub Firmware Version Minimum



Device Name

SmartThings Official Setup Guide


SmartThings Users - If you are having difficulty adding the device to your SmartThings network, please set up the device using the SmartThings Setup Proces First, and try again using the matter setup code.


Please Note:

1) The Matter Bluetooth signal of the Matter-certified device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes, you may reenable the Bluetooth Signal for Matter Setup by Replugging or Resetting the Device.


2) Some platforms or apps May automate the setup process further, by automatically detecting matter-compatible devices when they're plugged in and providing a mobile or voice notification to guide you through the process.


3) Some platforms support sharing Matter-Certified Devices to other accounts after it's been configured successfully. Device Sharing via Third Party Services, such as inviting another AppleID to control your Apple Home Devices, will not count towards the quota of ecosystems/fabrics that are paired to a device. Fabrics will only be consumed when adding an additional platform/controller or when sharing the device via the Matter Pairing Code (Found in your Matter Controller's App)


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