Create Location-Based Smart Actions with Geofencing

Released On: 2023-08-31 23:34:35Last update time: 2023-08-31 23:35:04

What is Geofencing? Kasa Geofencing is a location-based service that creates a virtual boundary around a specific geographic area. When a mobile device enters or exits this virtual boundary, it triggers a pre-defined action or event that can be used in Smart Actions.

It is now easier than ever to save energy by turning off appliances and lights when you leave or make your home more welcoming by turning on lights as you come home after work.


As this feature is currently in BETA, we welcome all feedback regarding the feature's use, behaviors, or even simply how you are using the feature in your smart home. If your location does not seem to work correctly, please follow the steps outlined in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.


How To Set Up Kasa Geofencing:

  1. Enable location permissions for the Kasa App:

Note: Kasa needs you to allow all the time location permission to run the location-based Geofencing Smart Actions.

If allowed, Kasa will receive location updates from your phone even when in the background.


  1. From the Kasa App, Navigate to: Me > Kasa Lab > Geofencing > Enable Geofencing



  1. Create a New Smart Action through: Smart > Tap the Plus(+) in the upper right > Smart Actions


Configure the Smart Action for Geolocation

  1. Configure the Geolocation Trigger for Arrival or When You Leave an Area

Tap Add Trigger

Arrive/Leave > Then Choose the Appropriate Mode for “Arrive/Leave”

Enable “This Phone/Tablet”

Choose the Location the Automation Should Be Based On (Identify map Coordinates and Choose the Effective Radius)



  1.  Set What You Would Like to Happen When the Automation is Triggered

Tap “Add Action

Add the Action you want (Such as Turn on KP115)

Set the new Smart Action Name and Effective Time

Tap “Done




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Why my actual location is Wrong/Unavailable/Delay on the map of the “Choose Location” page?

  1. Turn on Precise Location and allow all-the-time location permission for Kasa App:

Instructions for iOS and Android Are Available Here:

  1. Tap the black dot icon that focuses the screen on the current location, zoom in/out the map, and drag the pin to the location you want. You may also manually enter the specific place name in the search bar.
  2. Go to “Me”->”Kasa Lab”->”Geofencing”->”Enhanced Location”->Turn on ”Enhanced Location”->Set Accuracy to High and Frequency to 1s for the most accurate location updates.




4. Clear the cached data of Kasa App and reboot your phone. If you cannot clear the cache, please uninstall the app, reboot your phone, and reinstall the Kasa App.

5. Ensure your mobile device is receiving a strong GPS signal. It’s better to go outdoors with a clear view of the sky while troubleshooting. Note the following cases where GPS signal can get lost:

• Atmospheric and Magnetic Field Signals while in Elevators, Basements, Tall Buildings, and Remote Places 

• Slow Updates to Location Due to Performance of Phone or Tablet Processor

• The device is Moving at High Speeds, such as in a car

• The GPS Antennae on the Device is being blocked

• Obstructed view of satellites caused by an oncoming storm.

6. Turn off the power-saving mode on your mobile device.

If your mobile device is in power-saving mode, apps using GPS signals may not provide data in real time.

7. If the Kasa App has been added to the Sleeping Apps list on smartphones, remove it. This is often found in your power or battery settings on your phone.

8. Turn off the Mock Location may be created by a third-party App, such as a VPN, or through your phone’s Developer Options.

Note on Enhanced Location Services:

It is recommended that you enable the Enhanced Location feature to ensure that your device is consistently providing an up-to-date location. Without the feature enabled, you may see delays in your automations. After enabling Enhanced Location, you are able to select the precision of the update and how often the location is updated.


Q2: If I have multiple mobile devices logged into the same account at the same time, can each device arriving/leaving the associated location trigger the Geofencing Smart Action?

Yes, Geofencing Smart Actions can be triggered by each phone or tablet arriving/leaving the associated location.

It is possible to create smart actions from multiple devices. However, the smart action must be configured on the device that will trigger the Smart Action. When viewing the Smart Action on another device, you will see a note indicating that Geofencing is not enabled for this device. This only relates to that device/phone and the Smart Action is still operating in the cloud based on the location of your other phone. It is not currently possible to manage or edit Geolocation Triggers created on another device.

*Multiple Triggers May Be Added to a Single Smart Action to Trigger the Automation when EITHER device arrives or leaves the location.


Q3: Will Kasa Geofencing invade my data security or privacy?

You have nothing to worry about. We care about your data security and privacy. Kasa will not keep track of your geographic location, but will only send basic notification information to execute your Smart Actions when you arrive or leave home. We will not store any events you report nor share them with any third parties.

Refer to the below link for more information about "Privacy Policy for Kasa":


I need muliple homes in the Kasa app in separate time zones. I have requested this several times in the Feature Request sextion but nothing has been done yet. Currently I use two separate devices with two separate logins to control my two separate homes!

In my case, I don't need geofencing. I need multiple locations in the Kasa app with configurable time zone in each location.

This is a nice addition.  Are there plans to do something like this with the security cameras so i do not trigger the cameras when I enter a zone?

I can enable geofencing, but when I tap add action there is nothing available.  The same is true of trying to add a scene.  I am trying to use the Geofencing feature to turn on/off my EC60 camera, or at least the motion detection, so that it doesn't constantly go off while I'm home.  If this feature is only available on certain models, then that should be disclosed before purchasing.

I would like to see the option to turn on geofencing at a set time and off at a set time; e.g., 30 minutes before sunset - ON and then 30 minutes after sunrise - OFF. I'm using a mini-switch to control a flood light that only needs to be operative during those hours - not during daylight hours. Have I missed the steps to do this or it is just not available?


Update: I found the switches to make geofencing run between the hours of sunset to sunrise with a 30 minute offset on each. It is found under "Effective Time" - not easy to find.

 I've followed all the instructions provided by this KB article but could not get the Kasa geofence trigger to work.  I have wanted to use this to turn some lights on when I come home late when all our lights have gone off.  I also tried to get it to work with IFTTT but didn't want to pay the xtra subscription to create the time based filter.  I'd nearly given up when I found the simplest solution right on my iPhone - Shortcut Automation.  You can create a leave/arrive time-based geofence trigger for any location and then have it trigger Kasa devices or scenes.  Exactly what is was looking for!  



I have 2 KP125M plugs and the app.


I was hoping to run a schedule when I am away from my house.

for example turn a plug on at 11:30pm 'only' when I am not home.


I can get it to work with a smart action only if either 1 of the 2 conditions is met.

but not both.


i have 2 smart action 'triggers' to turn on the plug.

1 set at 11:30pm and the other the 'leave home' mode.

but when I leave my house, the plug turns on as soon as I leave my geofence location

or when I'm home, it comes on at 11:30pm....


geofencing is working it seems but is it possible to have both triggers working together?  

a classic And/or function scenario



I'm also not sure of the 'effective time' option function either