Add Your Sub-G Sensors to Other Platforms via Matter Bridging

Released On: 2024-06-10 23:43:29Last update time: 2024-06-10 23:44:21

 It is now possible to Add Your H100 Sub-G Hub and Compatible Sensors to Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung Smartthings, and More!

After the Smart Hub is configured to the Tapo app, a QR code or Sharing Code can be found, allowing you to add your Sub-G Hub as a "Bridge" to another service, which will then allow you to see your  connected sensors compatible with Matter Bridging.

Note: On-Device Matter Codes are not Multi Admin Sharing Codes

  • The QR Code on the device is separate from the QR code found in the app.
  • The QR Code on the Device is for the initial device setup and will not work after the device is configured. Please generate a multi-admin QR code to set it up on another platform.
  • In-App Multi-Admin share codes expire after a predetermined duration set by your Matter Controller.


How Do I Get My Mult-Admin Matter Setup Code from the Tapo App?

Your first setup code can be found in the Tapo App. If you connected your device to another service or app via Matter before configuring the device in Tapo, a Multi-Admin Setup code can be found there.

To Get the Code Needed to Add a Device to Another Controller, Follow These Steps:

  1. Open the app the Matter device (H100 Hub) originally paired with and go to the device’s settings menu.
    1. For the Tapo App, Navigate to the H100 Hub > Device Settings > “Bind to Matter(Beta)”
    2. A List of Matter Controllers the Hub is Shared with is available on this page.
  2. Create an 11-digit setup code (or use the QR code) and Copy the Setup Code
  3. Open another app you want to use to control the Matter device and follow the app-specific instructions for entering the matter-pairing code (or by scanning the QR code from the Tapo App).


To see the specific steps associated with each platform, see the following FAQ:

How to Add Your Device to Multiple Matter Controllers


After Adding Your Tapo Hub as a Matter Bridge to Another Platform, you will also see your compatible sensors added to the destination app.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Tapo Sensors Are Compatible with Matter?

The T100 Motion Sensor, T110 Contact Sensor, and T310/T315 Temperature/Humidity Sensors are Compatible.  The S200B/D and T300 Water Leak Sensors are not yet compatible.

As the Matter Protocol is developed, support will be added for additional device types and features.


How Many Platforms Can I Add My Matter-Compatible Hub or Devices to?

The number of platforms depends on your hub’s model and the platforms added. It is safe to say that no matter what, you will be able to connect your device to two additional platforms. Please Note that Matter devices used with Apple Home count as using two platforms with the device due to Apple’s Implementation.


Why Are Not All Sensors Compatible with a Platform?

Device compatibility depends on multiple factors. First, the device must be supported by the underlying protocol. Many devices not supporting this feature have not yet had their respective functions to the Matter Protocol or are under consideration.  Compatibility also depends on the destination platform, as some smart home platforms do not yet have controls for all device types, such as Buttons or Fan/Light Dimmers.


Having Trouble with an Android Device with Matter? Ensure that the Google Home app is installed and up to date on your phone, and consider reinstalling the Google Home app if the behavior does not resolve itself. The services needed to communicate with Matter devices are bundled with the Google Home App. (iOS Matter Services are Bundled in the Apple Home App)