making the HS210 work in a multi-way; multi-fixture setup

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Have 4 switch locatoins controlling 4 connected light fixtures in a hallway.  Tried connecting with TP-Link/Customer tech support to figure out whether HS210 would

support this.  I had previously succeeded at simple use of HS210 on a two switch setup, even though I only replaced one of the switches with an HS210.  Tech support said I'd either need 2 HS210's to have any chance or getting it to work, or it probably wasn't supported anyway.   SURPRISE! It can be done, and it works, and it only requires 1 HS210.

The trick is to not put the HS210 on a 4-way switch, but to replace an end of the circuit 3-way switch with the HS210, and leave all the other (old) switches in place.  Works like you'd want - with app on phone, or through Alexo/Echo.     Now if only the scheduling function worked as designedsad.... sunset function all over the place, and shutoff time ignored (yes, I've tried resetting time zone).   And  KASA insists on being parental by forcing us very rural folks to only use password protected wifi, and only 2.4 hgz....  Oh well, one problem per day, I guess.

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Will the old switch be functional?

Glad it worked for you! I have a similar situation. 

Which end did you install the HS210 to? Which where power comes in, or end where it exits to the lights. Or does it matter ?

Thanks, Bill

doesn't seem to matter which end (or I forgot), but both HS210's I used for different multi-way solutions are still working fine since install in march, 2020.

Wish I could say the same for the Kasa wall plug unit, which works about 10% of the time and continually needs to be reset

It doesn't matter where you put your 3 way as long as you don't put it on a 4 way switch location. A 4 way switch has 4 screws when a 3 way has 3. You have your hot, neutral and two travelers. One to light and one to other switch.