Choosing our Kasa devices

Used Products:

Smart Home devices are more and more popular today, it brings lots of convenience to our daily life. For example, we can easily turn on the light through Alexa/Google assistant with a smart plug. Our smart home gadgets are quite cheap now, you can buy 4-pack smart plugs for less than $30 on amazon.  But how can we select the right high-quality devices?

TP-link smart devices are made up of a community of over 7 million users globally and continue to grow. Our devices are UL/ETL/FCC Certified which are very secure and safe to use, and our products have received awards such as PC Mags Readers’ Choice.

Start taking control over your home and start experiencing the convenience of TP-Link Smart Home.

Control and Manage from Anywhere

Instantly turn connected devices on/off anytime, anywhere with a tap of your phone without any additional configuration needed on your network. Turn on your bedside lamp while in the living room without getting up, or turn on your outdoor lights or holiday decorations while you are away on vacation.

Control Your Home Using Your Voice

Pair our smart plugs with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, giving you the ability to control your home with voice commands. With a quick voice command, have Alexa/Google change the color of your gaming room, have it schedule the coffee maker for the morning. Need to view a loved one or hear something in your backyard? View your live video with any Alexa/Google capable viewing device.

Automate Your Home with Smart Actions

Smart Actions automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to blaze through tedium with the utmost ease. Set everything up once and you don’t even have to think about it from the moment you wake up to the moment you drift asleep. Smart Actions make your home not only safer but more comfortable.


Meet Your Smart Home with Smart Features

Preset Time and Schedule

Schedule and Timer features allow you to create a weekly schedule and countdown plans. All your connected electronics will automatically work at your preset time, making your life smart, convenient, and energy-saving. Even if your wireless network goes down or you lose internet connectivity, your smart devices will still perform the same schedule.

Custom Lighting from Anywhere

From dinner parties to late-night study sessions, create the right atmosphere with the smart light bulb. Dim the Bedroom Lights by 20% and set the perfect atmosphere for a romantic movie night with that special someone.

Add Color to Your Life

Automatically adjust the color temperature of your smart bulb to match natural light patterns from dawn to dusk. Experience endless lighting possibilities with the multicolor light bulb. Choose from a wide array of colors, even dim to any brightness you desire for the perfect atmosphere.


Why TP-link?

TP-Link is dedicated to building smart home devices with great attention to detail and high-quality hardware design.

Competitor cheap Smart Plugs:

Most of them use UL94-V0 ABS as the chassis material, which is not ideal in a high heat situation. If you add the fact that most other manufacturers use single-pin contacts, there are alternatives that are much safer.

TP-Link high-quality plugs:

Our plugs use UL94-V0 PC material to build the chassis which is more fire-resistant than ABS flame retardant plastic.

All TP-Link plugs use double contacts for the ground pin.