*App Update* Kasa Version 2.11.0 for iOS and Android

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This version of Kasa primarily focuses on updates and enhancements to the Kasa Smart bulbs.  We've also brought the grouping interface to individual smart bulbs so it's now easier to set the brightness, color and color temperature (including the often-requested brightness percentage and color temperature).

In addition, you can now access your presets as five shortcuts along the top of the screen for one-tap recall. Please note that, when creating a scene or a schedule, we've replaced the previous method with an option to grab the current configuration from your smart bulb. Set your bulb to the desired brightness and color first, then create your scene or schedule.

The Kasa app now supports setup of 29 different products and services so we've redesigned the Add Wizard to make it easier to find the device or service you're looking for.


Brightness & Temperature


Add Wizard


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2.11.0, B 650. Screen clipped. iPad, iOS 12. 





Something may have went wrong with updating your app. When we checked on our end it doesn't get clipped, but shows the whole screen. Reinstall the app, and if you still have issues, get in contact with our support team.

Please, could you add Homekit support to Smart Bulbs as you are doing with the Smart Plugs?