*App Update* Kasa Version 2.12.0 for iOS and Android

Used Products:

1. Added basic support for the iPad

The Kasa app is now adaptive to the iPad screen. There will be future enhancements for the iPad in future releases.

2. Added a new feature for sharing Kasa camera video clips


Users can now share the video clips from the app without needing to download the clip to their phone.

In the Activity center menu (bell icon), tap More -> Share on the desired clip. Then select which ever option you want to share the link as. Other people could open the shared link to view the clip in social media or on a web browser.


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Nice! I think it would be cool too if you had an option to upscale video to 4K via cloud smarts. Would be a nice competitive advantage, even if it's a premium feature.

Timer to set for smart switches/dimmers/plugs to auto turn off after “x” amount of minutes from when it was turned on. Using some for security lights and want them to turn off after 5 min.