Tech Tip: How to Set a Schedule for Multiple Kasa Devices at Once

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As you know, you can do a lot to automate your home with your Kasa Smart products.  You can use your Kasa products to create schedules, timers and set up away modes, but this can sometimes be tedious, as you must set each one individually.  While there is the grouping feature that lets you turn on or off multiple products at once, this does not help in creating a unified schedule.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a feature that accomplished this – to set a schedule for multiple products at once?  Well, the good news is there is a way to do just that.  It involves using two of the other features within Kasa, Scenes and Smart Actions.


What you will first need to do is create a Scene and then you can use the Smart Action “Schedule a Scene” to create a repeating schedule for that scene. But how do we do this?  Well let’s begin.


Open the Kasa App and tap on Scenes



Tap on the ‘+’ symbol



Tap on a Preset or tap on Custom




Tap on the devices you want to add to the scene




Confirm the State you want to set or Change it by tapping here *You will need to repeat for each device if making changes.




Choose the Status you want to use.  *For color bulbs this pulls from your presets




Choose an Icon then tap Next




Give the scene a Name then tap Save




Tap on Done to complete the setup




Now you’re ready to set the Smart Action


Tap on Smart Actions




Tap on Add an Action




Tap on Schedule a Scene



Tap on Select a Scene



Choose the Scene you want to use, then tap on Save



Tap on Select a Time to set the time and occurrence


Set a Time and Occurrence then tap Save



Tap on Complete



Give the smart action a Name then tap Done



Congratulations, you are done! Tap OK to end the setup




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In your example where are the scenes, smart actions stored?  On each device (ie., smart plug)?  Or are they run from the phone app? If from the phone app does the phone have to be on the same local network for the smart action to run?

Scenes can be associated to multiple different devices at once, but the scene exists in the app itself.  Your phone needs to be on the same network to add a device but to create scenes and smart actions you can make these from anywhere your phone has an internet connection.

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