What Can TP-Link Smart Home Do For You?

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TP-Link has provided Smart Home products since 2017 and since then has positioned ourselves as a leader in the industry with innovative and useful products over a wide range of categories including Plugs, Switches, Lighting and Cameras, with more on the way.  This story is intended to be a growing document that will update as more products are released.  This is just a short description of what each product is capable of.  For more information about specific products, we encourage you to sign in and post your questions to the community.  This way you not only direct answers from TP-Link experts but also can also get real customer feedback from your fellow members.



So, Let's get to the good stuff.


Smart Plugs


Smart plugs connect to your home’s 2.4GHz wireless network and allow you to have remote control of everyday items connected to a home’s electrical outlet.  You can take advantage of features like Scheduling, Timers, Away mode and even see your run time.   Smart Plugs can also be used with app features like scenes and smart actions, as well as voice control through assistants like Alexa, Google and HomeKit (select models).   Smart Plugs come in an array of options including outdoor and multi-outlet surge protecting models. 





TP-Link’s smart cameras designed to protect that which is most important, your home and family.  Our cameras connect to your home’s wireless 2.4GHz network and feature resolution from 720P up to 4K.  Video captures can be saved to local microSD and/or cloud storage (subscription required).  Camera can capture motion and/or sound with adjustable sensitivities.  Clips can be viewed directly from the app and can link to your smartphone’s notification feature to ensure you always know when there is activity.  Our cameras also feature crystal clear night vision which can be automatically enabled when low light is detected.  For security reasons app features are limited to schedules, and smart actions and the cameras will not work with Voice commands.  It wouldn’t be good if a nefarious person could just say “xxxxx turn of the cameras” after all.  A cool feature though is the Motion Sensing smart action.  With this you can use your camera’s activity to trigger another product like a smart plug or light bulb.  So, say the camera detects motion it could trigger your living room lights to go on.  Cameras are available in Stationary, Pan/Tilt and outdoor. 


Smart Switches



Don’t like looking for a light switch in a dark room?  TP-Link has you covered.  With our smart switches you can easily control the lights with a tap of a button or with a simple voice command.  They even feature a LED night light so you can always find the switch in a dark room.  Our switches fit many of your needs.  We have single-pole standard and dimmers. 3-way standard and dimmers and even single-pole switches with built in motion sensors so you really never need to worry about finding the switch.   Featuring the ability to create schedules and timers or use away mode. Being able to see run time or take advantage of scenes and smart actions our smart switches can really make life simpler at home.


Smart Lighting



Rounding out our current offerings are our smart lighting options.  With bulbs and light strips, we offer a robust way to add customizable lighting at an affordable price.  With the ability to set schedules, create scenes and use smart actions and apply preset settings our smart lighting product can meet your smart home needs.


Where to Buy


TP-Link smart home product can be found at all major retailers and online storefronts, or from one of our distribution or resell partners.  For a complete list click here:




Purchased on Amazon special sale a box of 2 plugs model EP10P2(US) . These do not work as advertised after going to the set up process more than once, You do not recognize the model in the forum or any where in your website.

or while trying to get help. What gives?



It could be as simple as the model hasn't been added yet, or that it's not available in the US region.  For setup issues, we would need more information.   Let's start with the model to see if we can add it here.  If so then we will and then you can create a thread for the product and go into detail of your concerns. 

Is Tapo going to replace Kasa? I'm heavily invested in Kasa and recently purchased two sets of undercounter strip lighting only to find out I need the tapo app to control. 





No, at least in the U.S. there are no plans for Kasa to be sunset and replaced with Tapo.  They are two separate brands and will both remain available for the foreseeable future.  We still have new products releasing under the Kasa brand all throughout 2023.  Kasa will focus on its core product categories; lights, switches, plugs, and cameras.  Tapo will have those as well but open the doors to new product categories like; vacuums, sensors and more.