*App Update* Kasa Version 2.13.0 for iOS and Android

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We have released version 2.13.0 for Android and iOS.


In this release, we have added our new KC110 smart camera, added content for promotions, and a introduction for smart actions.


We are happy to introduce to our Kasa Cam family the KC110, our new Kasa Spot Pan Tilt Camera. Which will be avaialble in your local retailers soon.


In addition, we've made it easier to see when new promotional and discovery content is available. Just tap the menu icon on the top left of your Kasa app, and select "Promotions"


Smart Actions


Users will have Smart Actions available at the end of this month. Smart Actions is a new feature that will help you get more out of your existing Kasa devices. With Smart Actions, you'll be able to use your Kasa Cams as motion sensors for your Smart Lights, you'll be able to use Smart Switches to control other Kasa devices and you'll be able to schedule scenes and configure auto-off timers. This first release will be made available in stages based on the products in your home.

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with this ios update i am no longer able to add more devices.

it keeps on spinning searching for wifi networks and cant find none, while there are at least 20 wifi networks where i am

thenm when you rescan it finds all wifi networks and then tries to update/configure device, and after a minute or so, it fails to cnnoect/configure new device



Sounds like something may have went wrong updating the app. Delete the app and reinstall it. 

It is actually lack of important information that each devicese should come with anf TP -Link support that read those incomplete manuals

I can not add new kasa outdoor camera.

"onelastthing" description in their comment sounds like the problem I am having. I connected to the camera wifi, with my android phone. That is on my phone I saw it was connected -- not in the kasa app -- in mywifi notification.

But I end up with an error message UNABLE TO CONNECT TOO CAMERA WIFI in the Kasa app.

  Powered off, powered on camera.

Uninstalled, reinstalled kasa app.

Tried again setup. Same problem.

Ready to send camera back. This should be more ready "out of the box" less DIY.

If there is any connection issues be it connecting to the camera initially or to the Wi-Fi network, a factory reset needs to be done. Not holding the camera reset until the lights start blinking, that will just reset the Wi-Fi settings, you need to hold the reset for 15 seconds. This will ensure a full reset is done, in which case the camera should connect. If not, get in contact with our home support here: https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/contact-technical-support/#LiveChat-Support

I just added another outdoor cam. It is stuck on updating firmware and won't let me access it through Android app (newest version). All my other cams and plugs work. I can see the cams view but updating firmware 100% is on top and won't go away

no longer able to add devices-what gives

There are a few non tp-link 3rd party venders that offer a app that allows for muli camera viewing


Does TP-link offer a website or hub to view a few cameras at once



This article was written JUN 2019 saying that Smart Actions would be available by the end of the month. It is now the end of JUL 2019, and still no Smart Actions available in my Kasa App. When will Smart Actions be available in the app?

My home has 7 Kasa smart plugs and one Kasa smart switch. However, Apple Kasa app crashes and responds very slowly once I change the actual item picturs for the plugs. I am very disappointed about it. If I change the actual item photo back to those generic icons, it works fine