Offsetting the sunrise/sunset time for your smart devices

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One of the most requested features is the ability to offset the time a TP-Link Smart device turns on or off based on the Sunsrise/Sunset. Currently you are not able to do that in Kasa, but you have that available in Alexa.

The guide below will show you how to setup our living room to turn off eleven minutes after the sunrise.

The process is similar to the article of using “routines” ( in that we will be using date and time as the trigger instead of a voice command.


You will first need to open your main menu and select the "Routines" menu item to create your routine.



In this example, we want Alexa to turn off our TP-Link device eleven minutes after the sunrise. We will select the “Schedule” option to have Alexa perform this action.



After we select “Sunrise”, we need to configure three things. The area where the sunrise will happen (top), the minutes before or after you want to offset (middle), and what days it will happen (bottom). Hit “Next” on the top right when finished.


Now we have the setup done, we need to tell Alexa what to do when eleven minutes have passed after the sunrise. We want to control the Alexa group (Living Room), so we select "Smart Home", and "Control Group". You will see all the groups that Alexa has available with respect to your smart devices. Select the ticker so it is disabled, and then hit "Next" on the top right.



You now have Alexa set up so the lights will now turn off eleven minutes after sunrise.


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