One Camera, Two Cameras Three Cameras, Four….

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 I decided some time ago to place a camera outside my front door. I was not completely happy with the results of the camera, lack of coverage and most important my wife was not happy about the camera at all. I ended up replacing my door camera with a TP-link KC200. I was now able to see a wider angle of my porch, catch part of my driveway and even place the camera where I wanted it. Quickly my wife too fell in love with the new camera and the clarity of the 1080 signal. Soon she requested another on the other side of the driveway. Needless to say we are up to five cameras around the house and they seamlessly stream to our smartphone for instant notifications. Al in all it has solved many mysteries like my daughter bumping into our garage to a neighbor using my water on their lawn when we weren’t at home .  Not so happy (lol) it has also caught me falling into the pool when I was cleaning it and,  the kids in the neighborhood trying unlocked car door in the middle of the night. I am amazed truly amazed by the cameras performance and clarity  both day and night as well as the adjustability settings of the software. With the cameras custom notification activity area it has truly given my family the sense of security not only when we are home but also when we are away.  

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Help please🤪 how can I share my camera so that my sis can see what is going on at my house when I'm away

She Can download the app on her phone and you give her your username and your password and then she can see where you can see!



i just ordered a camera set, KC310S2, it comes with 2 cameras and one hub. Does anybody know how many cameras can be connected to one hub, and is it possible just to buy the cameras without the hub?


Thank you