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By R1D2 2020-01-13 01:41:12

Feature requests for Omada Controller

Dear @forrest, I have some feature request for Omada Controller collected over time from our Omada customers and from Omada users here in the forum. I would appreciate very much if you could consider
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By Lens 2020-05-20 19:32:36

Distance between Root AP and Mesh AP - Signalstrength

Hi are there any recommendations for the distance between two APs in a mesh system based on their signal strength ? What would be the minimum signal strength of the Root AP at the position of the mesh
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By sparki_uk 2020-09-07 16:31:41

External Captive portal device Auth with TPLink Cloud

Hi all We have successfully written code to authenticate a device onto an OC200 controller using: <controller_ip>/extportal/<site>/auth?token=xxxx However we now have a client who has their controller
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By KiekerJan 2020-09-05 20:07:50

Omada gives General Error when finishing Omada Setup Wizard

I have bought a few EAP225s and want to manage them using the Omada Software Controller. I have a Debian server where I have installed the software. I took the mongodb server 3.6 from the mongodb.org
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By Nek 2020-07-22 21:29:33

Eap 225 v1 not supported in latest of omada OC200 v 3.0.10

Eap 225 v1 not supported in latest firmware update oc200 v3.0.10, we are running hotel business and have 10 devices that will not adopt and are pending status. We cannot afford buying new equipment ev
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By mbentley 2020-07-16 13:40:54

Omada Controller 4.1.5 - Mail Server Settings Misleading; Unable to disable CCing the Sender

In Omada Controller 4.1.5, the Mail Server settings are a bit misleading. It says that the "Sender Address" is optional but it is actually not optional. I am trying to configure mail so it doesn't CC