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By ITV Thursday

VPN with public dns?

Team, See also attached screenshot: I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN connection with the attempt of having all traffic routed via this VPN. However, based on the DNS-settings it looks like at least part
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By Rorke Thursday

"Daisy Chain" 2 EAP245

**NEWBIE** (I think I know just enough to be dangerous, but please don't throw around any techy terms!) I have scoured the internet as well as spoken to TP-Link support, but there is just no useful in

Re:Unable to send videos or images from WhatsApp

@KimcheeGUN Dear Sir, see the below as per your advice. but still facing the same issues.
Forums/ VIGI Surveillance
By ITAuthority Thursday

VIGI Security Manager after computer upgrade shows cameras as light grey no picture

I have been using this app and the NVR for a year or so now, but after a hardware upgrade to the latest Intel core i5-12500 and UHD 770 video, tha app shows the cameras but I only get a blank or light

Internet Accesss

Hi, I put here step by step my case and last o say what i need 1. I disable DHCP from Internet Modem but IP this device is 2. In TL-SG2218 enable DCHP Server ex: 3. In Port 01
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By ErniePantuso Wednesday

EAP115 - real world bandwidth? SDN managed?

I'm thinking about buying a couple of EAP115 access points - primarily to learn (a lot) more about networking. I'll be pairing them with an ER650 router and a (non-TP-Link) managed switch. I'll be buy