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By Pietr-o Thursday

EAP-115 VLan on both the SSID and the Downlink port result in host unreachable

Hi, I apologize for the long title but I couldn't think of anything better. I write here, hoping that somebody can help me with this particular issue I'm experiencing. HW Configuration ER7212pc Port 5
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By Fozzie Thursday

Throughput issue on 2.4Ghz SSID

I added a Zyxel 5G mobile BB router to my TP-link setup, which has 15 APs, in a mixture of EAP225 / wall / outdoor. Testing from the Zyxel to the internet was seeing 150Mbps - 200Mbps, so really pleas
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By boris29 Thursday

eap653 problem with Omada Cloud

Hi al, Got today eap653 and new license as well - It got online after while.... then just 5min after went as disconnected - tried factory restart - again same story. Do we have any solution fot that?
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By lowerpower Thursday

Old network with old equiptment EAP225(v1) and V3.2.12 OC200

Using the latest Omada v4.10.14 app, I've noticed that some of my previously stable sites are now indicating a firmware upgrade requirement for my EAP-225 outdoor units. This seems to be a bug, as upg

CPE 510 security mode WPA-PSK

Hello, I have just taken delivery of two CPE 510 devices. I have set them up as one AP and one client and they communicate well in test. However if I try and set the security level to WPA-PSK, they st
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By Oliv2831 Thursday

Any success with VLAN and PPSK without Radius backend ?

Hello, My setup includes a 5.2.19 controller (on OC300) and EAP245 v4 or v3 (1.2.1 or 5.0.7 respectively). Using an external Freeradius backend, I could positively connect a couple of devices (one Win