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By Tinkan 12 hours ago

Can ER605 be put into bridge mode

I would like to put my ER605 v2 into bridge mode so that my ExpressVPN router, which is between my ISP device and my ER605, can do the DHCP. Is there a way to set the ER605 to bridge mode?
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By dbergloev 23 hours ago

Internal Port Forwarding

Hi. So I was having some issues setting up PXE boot, because the damn machines insists on using the Gateway IP as the PXE TFTP entry point. After a lot of investigating it seams to be a symptom of hav
Forums/ Business Routers
By senatorchris 23 hours ago

Archer C9 to ER605?

(for home network) I currently have an Archer C9 v1 wifi router. The wireless wasn't the best so I purchased a Ubiquiti AP and turned off wifi on the C9. So, the C9 is basically just acting as my rout

CPE510 point to point with CPE510 connection lost especially at night

Hi, I have 2x CPE510 one set as Access point and the other one set as Client at my company. The connection is PERFECT, high download speed 60mbps.... Howver, at some point in the night the connection
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Avocado_Mafia Yesterday

EAP245 V4: removes security settings from vlan SSIDs

Hi all, I have come across a very concerning glitch with the EAP245 V4 which I just purchased. I have ER605 router and EAP245 access point. I configured both in standalone mode. On the ER605 router I
Forums/ Business Switches
By BadgerBadger Yesterday

TL-SG1024DE Easy Smart switch "Monitoring"

Hello, The network has about 15 IP camera all with a data rate limited to 1024Kbs, and about 6 Mumble VOIP clients (72Kbs). I have installed a two of TL-SG1024DE 24port easy smart switches as the prod