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By dakev1 a week ago

EAP670 continuously "changing LAN IP address/mask" and being readopted to controller

Hi, In the last week I've set up a network with an OC200 controller (OC200 2.0 v5.5.7, firmware 2.5.1 Build 20220803 Rel.39745) which is managing an EAP670 (v1.0.3) and an EAP615-Wall (v1.1.0). Both A
Forums/ Business Routers
By cdx969696 a week ago

ER605 VLAN DHCP on a TP-Link Switch not working

Hello everyone, I am quite new to TP-Link. Hope the community could reply and aid me in some troubleshooting. These are the TP-Link hardware I have right now 1) ER605 v2 VPN Router 2) TL-SG1016DE 4.0
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By FSK a week ago

CPE-220 facing continous disconnections for a very short interval

I am using CPE 220 for internet sharing over a distance of nearly 100 m. The antenna are facing each other without any obstruction. The access-point and client are taking IP directly from the modem wh

How to enable LACP or 802.3ad in CPE 710?

I am trying to aggregate my two internet connections with my Asus router. I already have the CPE 710 connected to the AP from a few hundred meters away and internet connection is already enabled and t
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Tescophil a week ago

Android apps will not update on WiFi

I have a full Omada based network, router, switches and WiFi. Don't know when it started, but all of my apps on Google play will not update over WiFi. I can start an update over the cell phone network
Forums/ Business Routers
By TPDAWID a week ago

Omada Gigabit Multi-WAN VPN Router

ER605 router interface does not fully work with Chrome browser does not display everything. Everything is displayed in Microsoft Edge