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By b4tm4n Tuesday

additional features

1. clients time should also include REDUCE TIME OPTION aside from extend (due to errors we seldom shorten time of clients but to no avail you disconnect them and issue another voucher code which is in
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By Go63 Tuesday

EAP225-O: differences between v3 and v4

I´m using EAP225-Outdoor v3 several months now running OpenWrt. Now I need a extra AP at the other end of my ground. I want to buy the same device, but found, there is already a new hardware version v
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By a-sam Tuesday

EAP670 and usable 5GHz channels (Australia)

Hi, I'm currently facing an issue with my EAP670 (EU) access points in conjunction with the Omada Software Controller, as I'm having difficulty identifying free channels on the 5GHz band. I came acros
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By FastRacer Monday

EAP 225 4 Second Green Light

Hi, First-time poster here. I have recently deployed a set of 10 EAP 225 devices in a mobile office setup. All APs are configured via an Omada software controller. The configuration consists of a priv
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By Marda236 Monday

Unblock Device

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago I blocked a device via the Omada Software Controller. I would now like to allow this Device again, but I can't find the option anywhere. Does anyone know how I can unbl
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By Egoconcentrico Monday

EAP225 Outdoor configuration without lan connection

Hi all due to a lightining seems that my 2 EAP225 are not responding any more via LAN PPoe transformer is ok with proper output, but no LAN connection in any situation. WIreless stills working, after