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By johnsnow88 a week ago

Re:High packet lost on 5GHz

5.0.7 has the same problem, on 5.0.9 i started to see drops in 2.4ghz as well.

Re:EAP650 Heartbeat missed, Provisioning, Configuring, Connected, constantly happening

@Hank21 Hi I just tried to setup our new EAP650s (upgrading from CAP1750s) and have exactly the same problem with all APs on a Netgear POE Switch GS324P. The CAP1750 just worked fine for years but the
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By paulrob Wednesday

Omada Controller Overview - devices check alert symbol

Hi, I'm new to all this, only been in the Omada family for a couple of weeks. My setup: I have an OC200 controller fed from a TL-SG2210P v5.0 8-port PoE Switch, with 100/18 MBps internet from an ER605
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By TheUnF Wednesday

Can I use front USB of OC200 to retain logs for a longer period ?

I've read about the need of power OC200 thru PoE to get the front USB port to work for auto-backup, but my question is if I can use it to retain logs for a longer period. BTW, can firmware be updated
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By words Thursday

EAP245 - logs me out of the web interface randomly after a very short time (standalone mode)

I have one of these units, and when I log in to manage it (running it standalone) it randomly logs me out, after a short period of time, I'm talking 30 secs, 1 min, and it's while I am active, changin

ER7212PC can't assign profiles to switch ports.

Hi, I have decided to modernize my network with an ER7212PC, 2 additional switches and 2 APs. I already know Unifi, so due to the similarity I thought it shouldn't be a big problem, but already fail a