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By lacrimal a week ago

TL-SG2210MP - fan speed regulation

On other switches - their warranty period ended - lowered fan noise by replacing it and adding HF PWM temperature dependent circuit so most of the time they are silent. But this will be new one, insta
Forums/ Business Routers
By Rishi_J a week ago

Inter VLAN connectivity issue. Not able to access vlan1 ip from vlan10,vlan20,vlan40

Hi Team, Router: ER7206 Switch: T1600G-28PS v3.0 controller: OC200 VLANs: 1. VLAN1 - 2. VLAN10 - 3. VLAN20 - 4. VLAN40 - PC:
Forums/ Business Routers
By shifter a week ago

Can Site to Site VPN work with 2xER605 but only main branch has public ip?

Can Site to Site VPN work with 2xER605 but only main branch has public ip?
Forums/ Omada EAP
By juryman a week ago

EAP615 Wall mount for whole house

Looking into wifi replacement for my 3 story house (basement, main floor, upstairs). Currently have a single AP on main floor, on top of a TV entertainment center. Get no coverage in basement and fair
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Christian2705 a week ago

TP Link EAP 235 Wall V1 does not work with WPA2 Enterprise and Radius?

Hi everybody, i bought a new tp link eap 235 wall v1 and configured it today. I have two SSIDs, one is a normal WPA2 Personal for IoT and the other is an SSID with Radius and dynamic vlan assignment.
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By TopicsLP a week ago

ER605 WAN Load Balancing and Down detection (on bad connection)

Hi, I'm dependant on using WAN Load Balancing to improve the Internet Bandwidth for Multiple Users/Applications. On WAN1 i do have a VDSL line conncted (Provider Modem/Router, NAT active) ON WAN2 i'm