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By Fae 2022-09-09 03:15:51

Solution to DHCP Issues of Routers (ER605 | ER7206 | ER8411 | ER7212PC) [Updated on Mar 8th 2023]

Update as of Mar 8th 2023: 1. Update the Beta firmware of ER7212PC v1, which fixed all DHCP issues and added some new features. ER7212PC(UN)_V1_1.0.3 Build 20230228 (Beta) Beta Release Note: 1) Fixed
Forums/ Business Routers
By PascalSBR 2022-08-11 20:11:34

Issues with DHCP, clients get same iP addresses

After I did update the router from V1.1.1 to V1.2.1 (without beta) I got problems with the distribution of the IP adresses. I got 6 clients that have all the same IP address and they cant access inter
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By jdpk 2022-08-12 21:01:16

DHCP Server Fails Every Few Hours

I've had an issue for about the last few weeks where it appears the DHCP server "fails" every few hours and will not provide dynamic IP addresses to WiFi devices. If I take a device (like my phone or
Forums/ Business Routers
By Aveamantium 2022-08-10 01:46:26

Strange DHCP Issues

Having some real strange DHCP issues including two computers fighting over the same IP and then the server assigning the same IP to two different devices (see below). I've already forced configured th
Forums/ Business Routers
By Skeidinho 2022-07-01 15:55:41

ER605 - "Use Fixed IP Address" (DHCP Reservation) Still not working after new Firmware

Hey together, relating to this thread: https://community.tp-link.com/en/business/forum/topic/560988 DHCP Reservation is still not working well, with the latest updates. I currently have 3 devices not
Forums/ Business Routers
By Aveamantium 2022-07-13 18:47:36

Address Reservations Not Working

Router is not handing out the correct IP addresses as setup in the Address Reservation. When the computer shows up in the DHCP Client List I just click the save button so remote users can connect to t