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By Jeesoon1 Monday

[HELP] Multiple Network & VLAN with ACL - Unidirectional

I have a multi VLAN network and i want to create a ACL to separate traffic, permit and deny the access of each vlans, and create a limited access. The basic lan network. name vlan subnet lan 1 192.168
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By Jeesoon1 2024-03-30 06:06:52

VPN IPsec Failover

Hi, I am trying to create a IPsec Failover for VPN tunnel (site to site) but the option for IKEv1 is disable in ER7206 IKEv1 is available only when the vpn policy is applied to a single Remote Subnet
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By DaveBos 2024-03-27 02:05:57

VPN Failover

I have two sites: Site "I" is the IPSec initiator. It is an ER7206 controlled through a local software controller. Locally it uses the subnet. Site "R" is the IPSec Responder. It is a
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By Jeesoon1 2024-03-01 06:14:21

Requesting a UI changes in gateway/switch

Can we request an additional icon and / or color for ports? Currently the gateway/switch in Omada controller does show for LAN and Uplink. Ex. for Gateway for Switch Can we get an icon for much easier
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By Jeesoon1 2023-08-01 06:20:15

One-to-One NAT port forwarding

I am trying to create a port forwarding for my ip camera, i have a static ip address for my WAN . (let say / 29) I want to use for my ip camera. I did test this and it show on
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By Jeesoon1 2023-07-28 01:25:25

Upgrade / Replace of Gateway from ER7206 to Newer

Is there a function or feature to upgrade or replace the current gateway without loosing all the current or existing setup ? We are thinking to replace the 7206 to 8411. Controller: 0C300 FV: 1.17.0 B