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By robinprice 2021-11-22 19:25:58

ER7206 - Unable to get full 1Gbps from ISP

My ISP gives out 1000Mbps up and down. If I take out the SFP and do the proper VLAN tagging, I rarely get over 500 up or down. In speaking with support (who are sympathetic to the issues), we have not
Forums/ Routers
By Roboito 2021-11-05 05:46:31

ER7206 Buffering

I have 3 internet connections. I have load balancing enabled yet I am getting a lot of buffering with Netflix and Teams meetings. It seems to be switch ISP's and causing buffering for a good 10 second
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By 9f8301e1de71f0 2021-10-25 19:50:43

DNS over TLS

Hello. Is there a option (now or in newer firmware) where you can set DoT Maybe I don't see it. Regards
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By crrodriguez 2021-11-05 23:23:04

CarlitoxxPro CPGOS03-0490 v2.0 SFP module does not work reliably on er7206

I have a CarlitoxxPro CPGOS03-0490 v2.0 gpon stick .. it only sometimes lights the sfp wan led and constantly looses link, I believe it is because the router uses kernel 3.10 that doesn't have this pa
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By aFunkyBass 2021-10-08 23:09:06

Looking for a pure EVDSL modem (bridge mode)

Hi there, I have configured a LAN for my B&B with EAP access points and a TL-470T+ as my main router. Now (finally) time has come to connect it to the Internet. I have no other router on the network a
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By crrodriguez 2021-10-18 20:26:57

T1500G-8T v2 ( TL-SG2008 v3.0) firmware confusion

Hi: I recently bought this device.. It was soild to me as a TL-SG2008 v3.. but when then I discovered thjat this device has a different firmware that apparently is no longer updated like the TL-SG2008