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By crrodriguez 2021-10-06 16:36:57

Stop controller https redirects

Hello: I'll use an example to be clear.. #wget http://localhost:8088 Redirects to https://localhost:8043/login This makes no sense, even browsers consider localhost to be safe, I want to disable this
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By crrodriguez 2021-10-05 21:32:15

Packet capture and/or port mirror on ER7206

If there is a network problem that requires any debugging on the ER7206 itself.. there is no way to mirror for example WAN interfaces nor any packet capture software (tcpdump, thsark whatever pcap com
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By crrodriguez 2021-10-01 23:26:12


To setup the pppoe link exactly like my ISP 's awful gateway does, I need to set the MRU (NOT the same thing than thIe MTU), but the controller offers no such option.. I do not know what software actu
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By crrodriguez 2021-09-29 23:46:09

DNS from WAN/LAN1 for certain devices

I have the TL-ER7206 with dual wan configured in controller mode.. I need some clients (could be by ip, mac but really if we get down to it..It has to be by dhcp vendor id or something) to get either