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By rc1 2022-03-12 22:58:32

EAP 245 Can't update firmware

I have a TPLink EAP 245 v3 wtih firmware v 5.0.1 Build 20210113 Rel. 63140(4a50). Whenever I attempt to update the firmware I get the message "Bad file" or "Failed to check for new update". I've tried
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By Fae 2021-12-28 11:36:09

EAP615-Wall, the first Omada Wall Plate Wi-Fi 6 Access Point.

Hi Everyone, We’re excited to announce the official launch of EAP615-Wall here! EAP615-Wall is the first Omada Wall Plate Wi-Fi 6 Access Point and adds new features such as Fast Roaming (aka Seamless
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By crrodriguez 2022-02-25 10:49:24

managing SFP module connected to ER7206

I use an SFP GPON module to connect to the internet on the ER7206, the only way I found to access the management interface via telnet or web is shutting down the internet connection, setting the SFP i
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By Fae 2021-12-14 08:32:54

ER605 ER7206 - IPTV screen freezes with error that the bandwidth is not enough.

This Article Applies to: ER605(UN)_V1_1.1.1_Build 20210723 or above firmware ER7206(UN)_V1_1.1.1_Build 20210723 or above firmware Issue Description/Phenomenon: Recently we received feedback that when
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By Tolgahan 2021-12-16 16:21:00

How do I configure multiple PPPoE connections using same VLAN ID?

Hi, I do have a GPON modem with 4 ethernet ports. 1st and 2nd ports are basically 2 different ISP connections. Both have their PPPoE credentials and VLAN ID of 35. I want to connect these 2 connection
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By marpi82 2021-11-22 17:27:32

Packet copy and redirect

Hello. I wanted to ask if it is possible to intercept (router ER7206 or switch SG2008 - under Omad OC200 control) packets coming from a specific device (by IP or MAC address) and send a copy to anothe