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By Fae 2022-08-31 03:12:29

Re:OpenVPN Missing field for Username and Password in Client Options

Hi All, Thank you for your valued and continuous feedback! It's confirmed that OpenVPN Client supporting Username and Password authentication is planned to be added in the firmware adapted to Omada Co
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By kablammy 2022-08-15 00:16:21

Omada ER605 VPN Cannot Get Any VPN Connection To Work

I have tried every way I can to get a VPN connection to work . I do not have a second WAN or a remote site of my own . However, I have tried to connect to my notebook, running OpenVPN server, which wa
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By S0PH0S 2022-06-10 02:05:40

TP-Link routers with OpenVPN connecting to NordVPN

Does the openVPN client support connecting to NordVPN?
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By phlip 2022-03-30 22:06:05

Re:Omada SDN gateway as OpenVPN Client

I used the ER605 updated to Frimware version: 1.2.0 Build 20220114 Rel.76871 It has the option for an OpenVPN client without needing the Omada controller (I did use the controller to update the firmwa
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By Death_Metal 2022-08-08 19:30:51

Re:Omada SDN gateway as OpenVPN Client

Hello all, I had same issue before and able to get it working (if anyone is still alive in this thread): I have a video of how to configure the OpenVPN Server, as well as what to put in the Omada. I u
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By RobertMEF 2022-08-08 11:41:51

Any public VPN-provider (ie NordVPN) compatible with Omada?

Hi, as Omada does not support Username+Password, any chance to use public VPN networks at all? Or is there no other way then to setup your own VPN-server in a datacenter-location of choice? (I need it