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By waulkmill 2020-10-26 17:05:48

EAP110-Outdoor 300Mbps Wireless N Outdoor Access Point Power

Having downloaded the user guide it seems to suggest that this cannot be powered from a POE Switch (Leaflet says only EAP225-Outdoor can be) But having asked the question on Amazon where I purchased i
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By MaxDen 2020-10-26 12:29:38

EAP225 not adopting

Hi, I just updated my OC200 to 1.7.0 Build 20200703 Rel.59609 and 3 of my 4 EAP225V3 to 2.20.1 Build 20200630 Rel. 41064 (the 4th one got stuck during the update, not sure why). Upon restarting I had
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By GadgetBen 2020-10-25 13:16:04

OC200, Omada SDN Controller 4.1.5 & SSL/TLS?

Hi, I have configured the controller to use my SMTP server for outgoing emails and ticked the 'SSL' box, however SSL is now depreciated and my SMTP server requires TLS. Test emails via the GUI 'Test E
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By CHASER 2020-10-23 08:11:04

Tp link eap110 outdoor High Channel Utilization

Greetings! I would like to ask why is that my tp link eap110 outdoor always encounter high channel utilization as shown on the picture. I tried changing my channel from Auto to 1,6,11 but still, after
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By jcwillia1 2020-10-21 23:52:39

Reinstall Omada Controller and not reset all the AP's?

So I had to reformat my computer where my controller runs - now how do I get it to reconnect to the 3AP's that are already set up?
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By bp1000 2020-10-22 15:39:46

IOS14 - Band-steering and jitter

Updated; A couple of things happened recently 1) People upgraded to IOS14 2) I updated the controller and devices to the latest firmware (new interface) Results IOS Clients behaving funny; keep droppi