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By SecThrowA_y 2020-10-21 05:53:14

Why is Omada SDN UI posting to site.alipay.com? Is this malware or a security lapse?

Omada controller 4.1.5 version is posting data to site.alipay.com. This is clearly a very significant security issue. The URL for this site is in the obfuscated javascript file g6-656fc6c5c1.min.js. T
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By Rod-IT 2020-10-18 22:33:03

Omada SDN Controller - SG2428P Switch

I have a couple of posts i want to make about issues in SDN - possibly quick fixes, but this topic is about an issue i can't seem to figure out. My setup EAP245V3 (x2) - Connected all under the same W
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By pixielark 2020-10-20 01:37:25

Confusing limitation for Omanda on managing switch VLAN

I see TP-Link released updated firmware for T1500G-10MPS to be compatible with the Omada controller but when I try to config VLAN on Omada I found a wired limitation that are definitely capable in the
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By Rod-IT 2020-10-19 18:07:52

Omada SDN issues and feature requests

So i previously posted a question about some quirks i am facing and I'm not sure if they are software and SDN related or my switch configuration, for reference here is that post. https://community.tp-
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By crnac 2014-10-23 17:57:05


Region : Others Model : MC100CM Hardware Version : V3 Firmware Version : ISP : Hello, What is the receiving and transmitting wavelength of this product? On TP-Link site in Overview section and i user
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By Shaneb0422 2020-10-19 19:22:57

Multiple SSIDs on specific APs EAP-225/Omada OC200

I have three EAP-225 and the OC200 controller I would like to have a second SSID on the same network but only have one of the APs broadcast it How might set that up, if it is possible? Right now all t