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By mackworth a week ago

EAP-650 1.0.13 firmware randomly dropping 2.4Ghz client after some time.

I have two EAP650s running the latest 1.0.13 firmware. I have been experiencing an issue with both units where after some random period of time, my 2.4Ghz clients (mostly IOT type stuff) stop working.
Forums/ WiFi
By MPNguyen88 2024-02-20 01:41:29

EAP773 connection/authorization issues with certain devices

Hi, I'm having some issues with newly installed EAP773 APs, in that certain devices are having trouble connecting. So far, I have identified my AppleTV 4k and Ecobee 4th/5th gen thermostats as having
Forums/ WiFi
By RJBerin05 2024-01-29 11:57:19

EAP610-Outdoor QOS/WMM Disable

Hi, I was wondering. Is there a way to disable this device's QoS/WMM feature in standalone mode? I can't see the toggle switch for this feature. The reason I want to disable it is that some of my clie
Forums/ Routers
By mackworth 2023-12-13 18:06:50

High CPU usage all of a sudden, how do I diagnose this?

I noticed lately that the CPU on my router has been going crazy and I can't connect it to any specific change that I made. How do I diagnose this?
Forums/ Controllers
By mackworth 2023-12-12 14:52:02

Dashboard showing 11 "Blocked by Access Control" but "Blocked Known Clients" is empty

Runing 5.13.24. I see that the "Blocked by Access Control" shows an 11 count. The tooltip says to go to "Insights -> Block Known Clients". I went to Insights -> Known Clients and selected the Blocked
Forums/ WiFi
By mackworth 2023-12-11 15:29:06

Defining the same SSID in multiple groups, does that mess with roaming at all?

I have an SSID that I have defined in several groups and just realized that I only enabled 802.11r on one of the SSIDs. Would that have prevented 802.11r from working across them?