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By amelluk 2022-12-29 15:06:15

Power optimisation availability in EAP650?

Much confusion here. I do not understand what the issue is. I thought the EAP650 and EAP653 were essentially the same, 650 has no power adaptor. I have in my network EAP653(EU) v1.0 1.0.4 Build 202209
Forums/ Omada EAP
By mackworth 2022-12-23 13:41:37

Anyone try the AI WLAN Optimization?

Curious if anyone has been using "AI WLAN Optimization" and if so, how it worked out?
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By supermarkert 2022-12-14 13:32:26

Hardware Controller version 5.7.6?

My OC200 (currently on version 5.6.4) is alerting me that new version 5.7.6 is available. This version does not seem to be announced on any forum, nor does a download seem to be available. (I never up
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Repcio 2022-12-07 09:21:11

EAP670 is rebooting (boot loop) after upgrade to latest firmware

After firmware upgrade AP is in boot loop and is not accessible and status is disconnected all the time, every aprox. 5 minutes last seen is updated. Overview [..] Model: EAP670(EU) v1.0 Firmware Vers
/ Omada EAP
By s0x 2022-12-07 14:15:05

Re:EAP670 is rebooting (boot loop) after upgrade to latest firmware

@Repcio yes, that's a problem. Luckily I only upgraded one to test, so I can plan the next ones accordingly. But it doesn't stop being an issue. I checked the support page and the new firmware is stil
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Jimsx03 2022-12-02 07:32:48

Wireless Roaming

Hello Community We have 4 EAP225, 3 EAP660HD 3 EAP620HD, 2 660HD are located on the third floor, 2 620HD and 1 620HD are located on the second floor and the remaining 4 225 and 1 620HD are deployed on